NameJet Makes It Easier to List Domain Names for Sale

I have heard and read quite a few complaints about the difficulty in privately listing domain names for sale on NameJet. From what I understand, the company has not added on many private sellers for a variety of reasons, with the primary reason being the lack of a user interface for sellers to observe their auctions and payment status.

Upon logging in to my account today (after clearing my cache for another reason), I had to agree to an updated terms of service, dated December 3,
2015. Once I passed that page, I noticed a new header within my account “List Your Domains on NameJet,” and underneath the header, there is a message that says “Apply to have your domains listed on NameJet’s exclusive auction platform.”

According to NameJet General Manager Jonathan Tenenbaum, we have added this link to make it easier for domain holders to submit their names for consideration in listing at auction. We spend a good amount of time fielding offers so we wanted to make it a bit easier for the listers and for ourselves.” This automated submission process is more efficient for all parties, and is a big improvement from the process NameJet had previously.

When a user clicks the link, it takes them to a submission page, on which they are invited to “Enter up to 15 of your top domain names for consideration.” The list will then be submitted to NameJet management for their review. I do not know what qualities the company is looking for, but I presume they are only seeking higher quality domain names that have the best chance of selling on their platform.

Whether or not NameJet is becoming more liberal with their submission acceptance or not, I think this is a better way to manage submission from clients. Previously, people had to send in a support ticket in order to get their domain names reviewed, and this is a more streamlined submission process. Additionally, this process should better allow NameJet to vet prospective sellers since the process is contained within the existing account control panel.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I think Flippa has really ramped up it’s game in the past year.

    Before places like DN Forum used to be a place to buy and sell domains, now all you see is links to Flippa Auctions on DN Forum.

    Once ICANN email verification system becomes manageable, I would understand inventory would start to tighten up. As more domainers enter the industry, and more of a focus on quality across all the different marketplaces out there Namejet is going to have to start competing.

    Good to see them opening it up to quality names from all walks of life, and not a select few.

  2. If you noticed, there are more and more reserve domains than in the past.

    My first thought is that – Even though Web owns 50% of NJ, maybe Rightside is concerned that Web might move their registrar inventory to Snapnames which Web owns 100%.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I was under the impression that Namejet only allowed “special” individuals with domains registered at ENOM or Network Solutions to submit domains for auction. If they would allow Godaddy-registered domains (Godaddy is the #1 registrar) to be submitted for auction, their marketplace would change considerably.

  4. “DN Forum used to be a place to buy and sell domains”

    It is cheaper to buy domains on DNF than Namejet.
    Some domainers buy domains on DNF and resell them on NJ. 🙂

  5. A few months ago, I got domains listed on NameJet for the first time. That included some at GoDaddy (among other registrars). This came about through a NameJet contact I made at that virtual “HyperFair” or whatever it was called, back in July.

    Nice to see they’re making it easier to list there, but I still want to be able to observe my auctions – if they expand seller access, they need to add that capability.

  6. I won one domain at an auction here. After purchasing a domain, they transfer it to the Registrar I should have received an email with credentials from the Registrar panel with this domain, but nothing came. Namejet support service writes that networksolutions has the domain, ask them (ticket 21067779). Networksolutions write that they initiated a password reset from the account and I should receive an email with a link to reset the password (ticket 21099201). But I don’t get anything, my email is 100% working! It’s like banging your head against the wall, in General, I actually stole$70. I do not recommend contacting these services.

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