NameJet Addresses Missing Public Auction History


Someone included me in a tweet me this morning mentioning that some closed auctions were missing their bid history at NameJet. This missing data was also discussed in a NamePros thread this morning as well, so the issue was not isolated to one account. I went into my Auctions Report tab at NameJet, and I confirmed that the bid history for some of my auctions was missing. For example, when I clicked on the auction report for a closed public auction I had back ordered I saw the following:

I reached out to NameJet GM Jonathan Tenenbaum to see what was happening, and he followed up shortly thereafter to confirm that this was a widespread issue impacting public auctions. He told me his team is working on a fix and that he would send out a statement to explain what caused this error.

Jonathan just followed up with the statement, which is also posted on NameJet’s website:

“As a customer of NameJet, you may be currently experiencing limitations in viewing your public auction history – this is unintended and is being addressed. NameJet takes the privacy of our customers very seriously. Due to upcoming privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in an effort to better safeguard our customers’ information, we are making certain changes to our processes and platform. Therefore, as of now, we plan to only make auction history for public auctions available to non-participants for a period of 7 days following an auction. This is subject to change and other changes will be taking place over the next few months in light of the upcoming regulations. Please note that our customers are still to have access to their auction history for the auctions they have participated in, both public and private.”

It is useful to have data from closed auctions in which I participated, so I am glad that functionality will return. I think the company’s policy is in line with how other auction providers archive their closed sales. I do not believe I can access GoDaddy or auction data for auctions in which I wasn’t a participant.


  1. Thanks for reaching out to the company and getting an answer, Elliot.

    I love that the first “Domain Investing Articles of Interest” post right below this thread currently is:

    SnapNames Auction History Now Available – I’ve seen a number of comments on my blog and other places criticizing Snapnames for not providing the auction history for bidders prior to 2007….

    From 2009!!!

    Transparency in this industry is still a major issue 8 years later…sigh.

    Thanks, again.

  2. I don’t understand why namejet did not suspend people who bid on their own auctions, it is like they accept this principal as long as these people make money for the house.

    There has been so much evidence provided, there is just to much nonsense going on with dropcatchers right now who are most likely missing their 2015/2016 record backorder profits.

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