NameCheap “Windfall” Helps Save The Elephants


Save the ElephantsIn March, a video of  Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons  hunting “problem” elephant  in Zimbabwe” was posted on This video angered and disappointed many people, including passionate domain owners who pledged to take their business elsewhere as a result.

Rival domain registrar, NameCheap, made a special offer for people who wanted to transfer domain names out of GoDaddy. In fact, they actually made an offer that cost them money, since the transfer price was less than the cost they pay for each domain name.  NameCheap also pledged to donate $1.00 for every transfer to the non-profit  Save the Elephants  organization.

The offer allowed NameCheap to donate more than $30,000 to Save the Elephants, and that donation was greatly appreciated. In a note to NameCheap posted on its Facebook wall for customers to read, Save the Elephants wrote, “you were the windfall from out of the blue and you really helped us this year. Thank you so much.”

I like seeing non-traditional fundraising efforts, and this one really helped a good cause.  I suppose Mr. Parsons’ elephant hunting trip ended up helping elephants in unexpected ways.


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