NameBio Adds Crypto Domain Sales Category


Tracking cryptocurrency related domain name sales has not been easy. Some of the larger public sales stand out on Sedo’s weekly sales report and in DNJournal, but it has been difficult to track sales of crypto related domain names without putting in much effort.

With crypto domain names being so popular lately, a couple of weeks ago, I reached out to NameBio’s Michael Sumner to ask about a crypto category within NameBio’s domain name sales database. Michael explained the difficulty in creating a special category like this. There are many keywords in cryptocurrency-specific domain names that could cross-over into other categories or be parts of longer words.

Over the weekend, Michael emailed me again to let me know he custom tailored a crypto-domain name subcategory. You can visit this link on NameBio to have a look at a search of crypto domain name sales without including the extension. If you want to drill it down further by extension, by date, or by other factors, you can find the crypto domain subcategory under “Other.” As of right now, there are approximately 2,000 cryptocurrency domain name sales archived in NameBio.

Michael shared some insight about how he created this search subset:

“Before, people looking for crypto domains had to enter a bunch of separate keyword searches, tweaking the keyword position to get the best results. For example searching “bit” anywhere has too much noise, so it is better searched as a parsed keyword like “[bit]”. I checked each keyword to try to find the best position to use. This new subcategory basically replicates doing all of those searches at a single time. So it will look for domains that:

– Exactly match: ledger, mine, iota, dashcoin
– Have these anywhere: coin, crypto, blockchain, wallet, currency, token, bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin, stellarlumens, monero
– Start with: block
– End with: chain
– Have these as a separately parsed keyword: bit, ico, btc, ether, doge, eth”

As with any category-specific search, there will be some crypto-related domain name sales missing or some unrelated sales listed. It is a big time saver for people looking for comparable sales in the crypto domain name space.

One other area impacted by this addition is on the individual domain sales archive pages. Having this subcategory allows NameBio to show more relevant comparable sales.

Thanks to Michael for adding the category and making it easier to track cryptocurrency domain name sales.


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