My Video Poker Story


Around 15 years ago (when I was somewhere between 18-21) I went on a Caribbean cruise with my family. I’ve since been on several cruises, and  one of my favorite aspects of a cruise is  gambling in the Royal Caribbean casino.

Before I got into playing blackjack, I played double down video poker in the casino. As I recall, you could play between one and four quarters per hand. In the version I played, if you won a hand, you could choose to double down. The computer would show a card and you would select one of 4 face down cards to try and beat it. If you won, you doubled your winning and could choose to double down again or collect your winnings.

One evening during dinner, I wanted to try my luck in the casino. My family was still eating dinner, but I had an itch to gamble. I told them I was running to the restroom, but instead, I went to the casino. After a few minutes at the machine, I won a hand and doubled down. I won again. This continued for quite some time, until I walked away from the machine with hundreds of dollars in quarters.

When I returned to the dinner table, I was hunched over carrying several buckets filled with my quarter winnings. The story goes that my parents thought I was ill because I was hunched over carrying these buckets filled with quarters and I had been gone for much longer than a standard trip to the restroom. I figured that had I not brought all of these quarters back with me, nobody would have believed the story.

Later that night, I tried my luck again and hit an even larger number than I had at dinner. After more than doubling the dinner winnings one one try, I attempted to double down again and lost. I still walked away from the machines way ahead after winning earlier in the evening.

This story doesn’t really relate to domain names, except for one thing. When negotiating with a prospective buyer, I am frequently trying my luck. I sometimes reject an offer hoping the buyer will come up with a larger offer. Sometimes a larger offer is made, and sometimes the buyer disappears. It’s a part of the domain business. The difference between negotiating on a domain sale and playing double down video poker is that even if the negotiation fails, I will still own a great domain name. With video poker, once a hand has gone bust, it’s all over.


  1. So the first words I wanted to write were, “Good story”; and then I scrolled down and saw brand here had already done just that. LOL.

  2. >”My family was still eating dinner, but I had an itch to gamble. I told them I was running to the restroom, but instead, I went to the casino.”

    …Dude… 😀

  3. It’s the power of “no”. By submitting to the first offer that comes across, one loses the advantage to define the value of their domain – which, incidentally, can only be sold once.

    Personally, I don’t gamble, so you won’t see me at the craps tables or roulette during NamesCon 😛

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