More on Anti-Phishing Legislation


Thank you to Larry Fischer at for analyzing and posting a link to this CNET article about the proposed new Anti-Phishing legislation. Essentially the CNET article discusses the reasons why this legislation is redundant and unnecessary. It doesn’t touch on the fact that the language in the bill could be detrimental to generic domain owners and could subject them to harsh penalties.
As I said yesterday, the Internet Commerce Association is working on a response to this. As far as I am aware, they are the only group working on behalf of the domain investment community. At first glance, the bill looks like it will be helpful to consumers, but upon close review, the language could and probably will hurt the domain industry. We could be in serious trouble if the bill passes as is.
There is time to make a difference, and I am sure the ICA will lobby hard to amend the bill to eliminate some of the gray area that exists and could hurt us. I don’t like to promote a cause on my blog or use this as a soapbox, but I strongly urge you to join the ICA. Although most of the “big guys” are helping to support them, they need the support of everyone. I joined as a Professional Member and intend to give as much as I can afford.
Domain owners own almost priceless virtual assets. I think this bill could lead to outsiders coming in and threatening (or taking) legal action to secure our valuable assets. If this threat becomes real, which will probably happen if the bill passes as is, our assets could become liabilities, and the values of domain names could go down. We need someone to take the side of domain owners and domain investors, and the ICA is the best organized group to do it.


  1. Elliot, thot you should know,
    I tried to join ICA tonight, and could not get the site
    to take either my username or password. Didn’t even get to the money part yet. No instructions on the limitations of username or password characters were posted that I saw.
    I sent an email and assume I will get a response soon.
    Just an FYI, ICA site needs to be dummie proof for people like me.
    thanks, Ed – Michigan
    (maybe its because its to cold and snowy tonight?!?)

  2. Make sure your browser is not blocking cookies. In layman’s terms, if you are using Microsoft Explorer, at the top of the browser find INTERNET OPTIONS or TOOLS. In the GENERAL section find DELETE under HISTORY. You should be able to clear your cookies there. Refresh the page and see if it asks to you allow cookies. Then approve them. If you are using a different browser email me and I will try to help more.

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