Mike Berkens Lists Internet.biz on Flippa


FlippaIf you watch the  Portfolio Review video  on Domain Sherpa today, you probably noticed that Mike Berkens mentioned that his company owns Internet.biz. Worldwide Media was the original registrant of Internet.biz, having registered / acquired it back in 2002.

I was checking out Flippa today, and I saw that Internet.biz is listed for sale. There are 5 bids, with a high bid of $3,000 (the undisclosed reserve price has not been met yet). The auction ends in just over 7 days from now.

Here’s the auction description:

“Internet.biz acquired on the 1st day of .biz availability over 11 years ago is for sale for the 1st time on Flippa is for sale by the original owner.  

Simply One of the best .biz domains ever available for sale.

Just last week the founder of Facebook announced he had acquired Internet.org to use to for a worldwide project, making this domain even more valuable than it was.

After turning down a $15,000 offer last week we decided to put the domain up for sale.”

As a seller, I think putting up an auction to bring out bidders is a smart move. I am sure Mike is hoping the person who made the $15,000 private offer will be willing to bid in the Flippa auction. Should other parties have an interest, it might drive up the price. As a buyer, I don’t like when a seller puts a name in auction after I’ve bid in private. I suppose it does give the bidder an opportunity to acquire the name after his bid was rejected, but I prefer to make my acquisitions in private.

I think new gTLD registries might want to keep an eye on this auction. If Internet.biz can fetch $15k+, I am sure there are some better Internet – gTLDs out there that would have more value.

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  1. Great domain, good luck to buyer and seller. Berkens knows what he’s doing, plenty of buyers at Flippa and lots of hype for .w/e

  2. Great name.

    It seems that Flippa has really been getting some really good domains of late. However finding a website to buy on Flippa that has a really great domain name is still quite rare. And when they do pop up, they go for a lot of money.

  3. If you watch that DomainSherpa portfolio review video, Berkens was bearish on the portfolio owner’s .net’s because the new gTLDs will probably devalue them. Most of the “sherpas” recommended letting all but one of the one word .info’s expire also.

    IMO, .net>>.info>.biz. What does that say about internet.biz when there will be 1000 different internet.xyz’s in a couple of years? Kudos to Mike for capitalizing on the internet.org wave and for getting out of the .biz before it loses most of its value.

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