Met a Hero This Morning


My wife is running in the Boston Marathon again this year, raising funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute  as part of their Run DFMC team. With a little under a month to go before Marathon Monday, she had her longest training run of the season at 22 miles. There were thousands of runners out there today.

My kids and I spent part of the morning cheering on the runners and my wife. After she passed us, we got back in the car and drove home. On the way home, I saw someone I recognized who was cheering on the runners by himself. I immediately recognized who he was, and I pulled over to say hello and thank you.


It’s not every day that my kids and I are able to meet a “real life” hero, but that is how I introduced them to Carlos Arredondo. I told Hailey that Carlos is a real hero and told him we appreciated the sacrifices he and his family made on behalf of our country. If you aren’t familiar with Carlos and his story, I recommend that you read this People article and this Wikipedia  article to learn more about him.

My daughter is of the age where she reads stories with heroes in them.  Carlos is  the real deal, and it was an honor to meet him.

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  1. I love when I see coincidences. I think they have meaning.

    19 hours ago on Facebook I wrote, “Be someone’s Hero…”

    Was cool to see this post this morning

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