Make Sure Your Domain Names Are Added to Your Parking Account

There have been a few times I  unsuccessfully tried to add a domain name to my parking account, and because the domain name was already listed in another account, it didn’t get added to mine. When you are adding names to your account, be sure that they are all added.

Let’s say that I put a domain name up for auction. I’ve been parking the name with Internet Traffic for a year, and I don’t remember to take it down before the auction (or don’t wish to take it down in the event it doesn’t sell). If and when you win the auction and try to add it to your account, it won’t let you if it’s still in my account.

If you don’t see an error message or email from the parking company to notify you of a conflict, you’ll see that the domain name is parked with that provider, but the revenue will go to the former owner. Sometimes domain owners who have a lot of names will never even notice this, so it’s on the new domain owner to be sure the name was added.

For some companies, it is very obvious when the domain name is not added to the account. I also believe some companies have a notification process that automatically creates a ticket if there is a  conflict  in the system.  Your ownership should be easy enough to prove with a Whois search, but the real issue is if you don’t notice that there is a conflict and it’s not reported automatically.

After adding new names to your account, you should always be sure to check the confirmation email from your parking company to ensure the domain names you want added were properly added. You should also monitor your daily traffic and revenue reports to be sure that they are accurate.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. That’s a good point. I would also add that if you buy a domain name and that domain name was listed in a number of different marketplaces, you should request that they contact the owner and get them to remove the listings. Nothing like like buying a name and then talking to potential buyers and they then do a search and find it listed for less in other places. It’s a pain to have to explain the situation.

  2. Also make sure to remove the names that are no longer in your possession. I’ve had three offers in the last month for names I dropped over a year ago, all because I hadn’t logged into Afternic to update the list. I also wish I hadn’t dropped them (they were all picked up by other people), but it’s a lesson learned.

  3. I believe Jeff Schneider gives free appraisals. Just write him in outer space. PS. dotCOM only— you won’t want to anger a metal tiger!

  4. the firsy time I added some names to Afternic I had a conflict (the domain was in some one elses account and still listed ) , To the credit of afternic though they responded to the email I sent promptly and removed it .

  5. Had an interesting conversation with my Afternic rep today. Evidently they have received an offer from an “affiliate” and now want me to assign a BIN price to my domain (I got burned once before with Afternic because I had a BIN on a domain and had forgotten to check the name in over a year – and someone bought it and got a GREAT deal – THUS, I have all my domains set to “offer”). My rep now tells me that unless I assign a BIN price, they will drop all my affiliate listings because if the minimum offer is met, they need a BIN price.
    Anyone know of a better parking partner?

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