Sells for $184,000 on NameJet

5 sold at NameJet today for $184,000. Bidding on the auction extended  well beyond the original ending time due to the volume of bids that were placed as it was concluding. The auction was jointly promoted by NameJet and SnapNames.

There were 327 bids made on this auction, and there were 261 bidders who participated in the auction. There were 6 bidders who bid above $100,000 for the domain name.

Since the auction concluded this afternoon, the domain name sale should not be considered final. NameJet will likely report the sale to DNJournal, NameBio, and other outlets once the deal closes.

If the deal were to close today, it would rank as the 28th largest publicly recorded sale of the year, according to DNJournal. It would also rank as the third largest closed domain name sale on the NameJet platform this year.

My guess is that the domain name is headed to a Chinese buyer, but we shall see once the deal is completed.


  1. I know from watching the sherpa show Andrew Rosener was very much interested in the domain.
    I don’t know him but i hope he got it.
    I really value his opinion and he just seems to be a great guy.

  2. @Ron, I heard he was, apparently he had a vision that all the world needed a .ltd extension and he was basically doing us all a favour.

  3. It would be a great domain for a corporation. As it has been mentioned, it is the common abbreviation for Limited which many UK firms use in place of Inc.

    There is a major retailer in the U.S. called “The Limited” and they use TheLimited,com . They also own Limited,com. LTD would be a natural for them and $184k is not a lot of money to them.

    I almost won it. I was one of the top 200 bidders. 🙂 (said in jest)

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