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LiveChat is an online customer service software provider offering live chat support that can be utilized by its clients on their websites. The company was founded in 2002, and it has been using the less than ideal domain name for its website. Earlier this week, LiveChat sent an email to customers announcing that it migrated its website to the brand match domain name. LiveChat CEO Mariusz Cieply also announced the news via Twitter:

After learning about the move to, I reached out to the company to ask a few questions about the acquisition of the domain name.

LiveChat acquired in January of 2020. The company acquired the domain name directly from the former registrant. The company has opted not to disclose the acquisition price of the domain name. If I were to guess, I would imagine the company paid well into the six figures to acquire the domain name.

According to a LiveChat company representative, “The purchase of the domain is related to our marketing strategy consequently realized with the implementation of other products: ChatBot, HelpDesk. We strongly believe it will increase the marketing potential of the Group.” Two years ago, the company purchased the and domain names for its other products, so acquiring its brand match domain name makes even more sense.

LiveChat CMO Szymon Klimczak, CMO shared more insight with me regarding the acquisition of and why the company felt the need to buy this domain name:

“We’ve been trying to acquire the domain for many years, basically since establishing LiveChat back in 2002! Over that time we have managed to grow to the point where traffic-wise it was listed as 306th domain in the entire internet (source: Ahrefs, One might question if the right domain is really needed for the online business to succeed? We’ve lost thousands of customers, but we still managed to grow LiveChat’s customer base from 0 to over 28,000 businesses from 150+ countries. That makes us repeat the same question – is the domain really crucial? We’ve always felt like this important piece was missing. Writing down email address just didn’t feel right. We needed a statement. A proof of us going all in. And now, when we just got it, we are super excited about the future! All the pieces are finally in place!”

LiveChat is a publicly traded company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE ticker symbol LVC). The company has a market cap. of zł1.05B, which I believe is approximately $255 million USD.

Thank you to Jen Sale, COO of, for sharing the news with me.


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