Live: Google Introduces .App Domain Names


Yesterday, I mentioned the Google I/O session about .App domain names. Google is the operator of the .App registry, and the company is holding a session at its developer conference to discuss its newly released .App domain names. The session takes place today at 4pm PDT (7pm EDT).

Heres a livestream of stage 6:


  1. People lost money with .XYZ when Google launched
    I guess now Google is trying to push .app? Not surprised!
    A bunch of people will loose money with Google’s ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I find it amazing that the domain industry had a ‘heads up’ on the release, yet very few participated. I’ve already got offers well over what I paid…

    • They probably didn’t feel like wasting a bunch of money Aaron,. Let us know when you have some actual sales to report.

    • Snoopy – You will be the first to know. I am coming to you first and buying you beer and APPetizers…Its a mobi thing ya know…Best to you.

  3. I will go back 9-10 years ago back when .mobi and .tel launched. I bought a few of each and ended up break-even.
    I am probably 1 of the few people on this PLANET that sold a .TEL for 4 figures. Luckily that 1 sale paid for the “mistake”.
    Break-even is LOOSING to me, so I will let you guys learn with .app ๐Ÿ™‚

    Everyday companies are re-branding from .IO, .CO, etc because they realize the value of the .COM, or they couldn’t aheam “afford” the .COM but are upgrading to another .COM brand.
    So for all investors that are buying .APP I have a question: Do you want to get rich quick??; or dominate and succeed for sure?

    Thank you,

    Alex Verdea

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