LinkedIn Can Help You Find a Buyer


Here’s a tip on how a LinkedIn company search can help you find a domain name buyer.

Although I am reluctant to use LinkedIn to try and sell someone a domain name (unless it is a last resort), I want to share a way that you can use LinkedIn to find a prospect for descriptive domain names, specifically keyword .com domain names.

The most common search that people do on LinkedIn is the people search. This allows visitors to find people with whom they’ve done business, connect with colleagues and co-workers, or get in touch with people they want to meet. Personally, I don’t think this is a great way to approach a buyer about a domain name.

Another common search tool that can help you find prospects for domain names is the LinkedIn company search. You can search for your particular keyword, and every company listed on LinkedIn that has that keyword or phrase will be listed. From my perspective, these would be great prospects for your exact match keyword domain names. This is especially beneficial because the listings tell you how many employees there are, and you may even be able to see the names of the executives you should contact.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say that I want to sell Looking up the term “Event Management” in the LinkedIn company search, I see that there are over 20,000 results for companies that either use Event Management in their brand name or in their  description. I am quite sure many of them would love to own if we can come to terms on the price.

I don’t think it would necessarily be easy to get in contact with the decision maker for these companies using LinkedIn. In fact, I don’t recommend it because it’s impersonal and that person may not use LinkedIn often. However, you can take the name of the company and location and do a Google search to find out with whom you’d need to speak. When you find the website, you can either do a Whois search for the domain name or use the contact form on the site to get in touch with the right person.


  1. All I ever hear from people who have tons of connections on the site is that they get hammered with job/resume requests or sales pitches.

  2. Hi Elliot, thank you, good tip. I got the impression that due to it’s format and being business oriented, LinkedIn, was ideal for offering a possibly useful domain to a client? I have read somewhere that domain trader’s use InMail to email such contacts and trade? Howie.

  3. I’ve sent some “InMail” to well-targeted potential end users on LinkedIn but have gotten zero responses. I don’t know whether those specific people don’t use LinkedIn much or whether they’re ignoring me.

    In the “Domainers” group on LinkedIn, there’s a thread called “Has anyone had any success closing deals by using Linkedin in mail service?”, and apparently very few people have.

  4. There are ways to get to the right person one in searching for the owner/director/marketing person of the company then normally trying there etc if they dont have a email address listed works most the time 🙂

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