Leland Hardy, Inspiring DNJournal.com Cover Story


Ron Jackson comes through again with a great article about Leland Hardy, scholar, professional boxer, sports agent, financial whiz, and owner of NewYork.com. Just reading the article makes me want to get to know Leland, and I think you will enjoy learning more about this brilliant person. Read the article here.


  1. I followed your link and read it, thanks. The guy is incredible. He’s one of that rare breed who are hyper-intelligent and hyper-active and capable of accomplishments that the rest of us can only view in amazement. But I think it’s funny that with all of his accomplishments – MBA, speaks 5 languages, professional boxer, stockbroker, sports manager, hedge fund manager, business manager – his acquisition of NewYork.com and 1,000 other domain names may benefit him most of all financially.

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