Keep a List of Emergency Contacts


When something goes wrong with one of my accounts, I want to be able to speak with someone who can resolve my issue ASAP. For many domain investors, domain names are equal to money in the bank, stocks and bonds, or other valuable assets that we own and wish to carefully protect. Knowing who to contact in case of emergency is important, and it can go a long way to keeping customers like me at ease. This is especially important because domain names aren’t physically held, and the security is dependent on some things out of the control of the domain name owner.

One of the nice things about having an account manager at a domain registrar, parking company, or other service is that you have someone you can contact when a problem arises. Most of the account managers I know work very hard and are available to answer questions and help most of the time. Obviously, nobody works 24/7, so there are going to be times that my assigned account manager can’t help. I like to keep a list of emergency contact names and numbers in case I need to speak with someone and my account manager is unavailable.

When I am dealing with an urgent issue and my account rep isn’t available, I want to be able to speak directly with someone that can either solve my issue or escalate it to a manager. I don’t want to waste time (especially if it is time sensitive) trying to get in touch with someone who can make resolving my issue a priority. I assume you feel the same way, and I strongly recommend that you also compile a list of emergency contact names and phone numbers if the need arises.

When something goes wrong, tension can run high. Finding the right person to contact may be a challenge, and this can exacerbate the situation at hand. If you are able to create your emergency contact list for your domain registrar, parking company, escrow service, law firm, domain brokerage, bank, and other important partners, you will be more at ease in the event of a problem. It might also be good to share this list with someone at your company or a family member in the event you are unable to make these phone calls or contacts on your own. The list should include the company name, contact person (or people), email addresses and direct phone numbers.


  1. Great reminders there Elliot. These things should be in place before you need them! I can remember a frantic search at linked in a couple of years ago in an emergency looking for a week end contact.

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