It’s Million Dollar Wednesday!


I find it a bit amusing observing the domain names people share in response to domain names wanted requests. This goes for forum posts, blog posts, and Twitter posts. It’s particularly amusing to see domain names I wouldn’t hand register being priced beyond retail prices when the prospective buyer is a domain name investor.

As you may have seen, Rick Schwartz has been seeking out domain names to buy via Twitter. From what I have seen, he has purchased one domain name so far.

Rick has declared that today is “Million Dollar Wednesday,” and he is looking to buy  category killer domain names for up to $1 million each:

Rick has the funds and drive to buy at all price levels, so I certainly would not be surprised to see him pull the trigger if the right name at the right price is presented. I would be very surprised (maybe shocked is a better descriptor) if someone actually posts a domain name of that caliber publicly on Twitter. For all of my bullishness about domain names, there are very few domain names that would really be considered to be of this quality, and the vast majority of those aren’t owned by people looking to sell them via Twitter.

Please do not post names for sale here. If you have a name that you think Rick might like, either create a Twitter account or find another way to present them to Rick.

For what it’s worth, I am also actively buying great one word .com domain names, although my budget generally maxes out in the mid 5 figure range on individual names.  If you have a name I might want to buy, you are welcome to share them with me (please, please, please read the requirements on the submission page first to save us both time!)


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