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Like I did with, I am offering up for sale before I begin developing it. Although we in the US are more inclined to say “Italy Vacation,” elsewhere in the world, a Holiday is a Vacation, and many people search for a great Italy holiday when they want to visit Italy. If doesn’t sell this week, I plan to build a larger mini site using the same template (in green) as I used for my Tobago vacation domain name.


Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Great name Elliot!
    I would like to take this opportunity and ask you if you think there is a big different between plural and singular when it comes to Vacation/s / Holiday/s domains.

    Good luck!

    • @Yaron

      IMO, I would be more inclined to search for a vacation/holiday than vacations. I would, on the other hand, be more inclined to search for hotels rather than hotel.

  2. Gary,

    how is this a great domain? or … … they are great domains but brandwise its hard to brand names like this.

    Almost like … just 2 words when put together look pretty but are missing the popular ingredients to be great – in this case the plural version.

    Elliot, Hope you sell it – endusers always pay what they feel a domain is worth but from a domainers perspective Gary and Yaron – its a decent name, not a great name.


  3. @Alan

    Europeans go on a holiday as we go on a vacation. Nobody offers simply “fixed loans” – it’s something like 30-year fixed loans. Also, Italy Holiday is searched 5x more than Italian Holiday according to Google.

    Finally, sold for $130,000, sold for $17,250, I sold for $15,000, and I sold IsraelVacations and (for undisclosed #s) last year, or would be much, much more expensive than $6,500. I would pay $20,000 for if I could, and I am not even an end user.

  4. I still think it’s a great name Alan.

    In the past, I have been more of a fan of plural names but I am starting to see that a lot of singular versions are actually searched more.

    I understand your point if it was as opposed to but with vacation, it works.

  5. alan,
    You may be right – maybe it is just a decent name. I dont know.
    I agree with Elliot that in Europe Holiday is as good as Vacation, but I am not sure the singular is as good as the plural.
    It is true that usually there are more searches on the singular, but for a business I think the plural is better. you go on vacation, but you sell vacations. I looked at Elliot’s reply – all of the examples he shows are plural.

    • @Yaron

      That’s true, but other than the Caribbean, Italy is a more popular holiday destination than the others, and the price is much better comparatively 🙂

  6. When you use a term that has a double meaning it dilutes value. In this case the term holiday is used in North America more to represent searches for holiday dates (ie memorial day etc… the word is possibly a lead in for selling vacations but those users are usually searching to find dates of holidays rather than directly search for a vacation package). Europeans do go on holiday but travel agents (european or american) do not sell a holiday. They sell holiday(s), vacation(s) – they have many options for the consumer.

    Yaron, Yes, all of Elliots samples are plural for the exact reason you stated. End users want a name that makes sense and define what they do. The plural is the only logical version of this domain that makes sense for an end user or to spend any money building a brand around.

    As for FixedLoan and – Elliot is right but I was not referring to the lack of an (s) in I was simply referring to a missing piece in that domain to take it from a decent name to a great name. In this case it would be – both and are domainer names, not great end user names (decent minisite names maybe but nothing you build a brand around).

    Elliot also mentions the broad search – although when people buy names they look at the exact search. In this case the exact search looks like this

    Italy holiday – 540 a month
    italy holidays – 1,900
    italy vacations – 6,600
    italy vacations – 14,800

    Yaron … you said “It is true that usually there are more searches on the singular” – actually the opposite.

    Also comparing – a name that was sold on the drop is not a fair comparison as we all know drop prices are many many times more than you would get in the real world. Auction mentality is entirely different than buy it now.

    I hope Elliot sells the name because users will ultimately determine how much a name is worth to them so my opinion doesn’t count however for newbies – there is a lot more that goes into a name to make it GREAT than having 2 words put together which make some sense on the outside.

    Sorry, I hear great all day long – not always the case.

    • @Alan

      Just a correction… was purchased at Snap in a private seller auction with a BIN price, rather than a drop auction.

      Anyhow, this name has sold 🙂

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