Interesting Network Solutions Adwords Special Offer


I was checking to see how companies rank in Google for the most frequently searched domain name related terms, and I saw a unique Network Solutions Adwords advertisement. Instead of the typical link to its website, there’s a button to click to view the offer (in addition to the link).

When you click the link, you’re taken to a Google Offers page rather than the actual NetSol website. On the Offers page, you’re given the choice of printing the coupon or saving the page with your other offers. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem like there’s a link to the NetSol website.

One thing I find peculiar about this is that Google Offers doesn’t appear to be set up for a strictly online merchant like Network Solutions. It would have been smarter if there was another button (or alternate button) that allowed the visitor to click through and have the redemption code plugged into the shopping cart or  overlaid  on the website to show that the coupon is acknowledged.

The other thing I find interesting is that Network Solutions appeared as the #2 advertiser for that search, while Go Daddy was above this ad. That seems to indicate that GoDaddy is paying more per click, but Network Solutions looks like its getting better placement and more visibility with that ad.

I wonder if Google does this for all advertisers that use Google Offers, as I haven’t seen it before.


    • @ RH

      I haven’t seen any Google Offers like this before. I wonder if NetSol pays for clicks to its Google Offers page as it would on clicks to its website since they don’t control those visitors and there’s no further link to the company’s website.

  1. Its an unsafe assumption that GD paid more for the higher positioning, although its fair to say that could be the case.
    In adwords campaigns it is possible to set the positioning targeting too, so for example a business can choose to aim for 3rd position instead of top.
    That 2nd or 3rd slot there, the ad that appears directly above the organics, is often targeted Im sure. I think since its cheaper but also very prominent as LOTS of people try to look past the ads.

  2. @ Braden

    Always working… was in the ER most of the day yesterday here in NH (K is better now – stomach virus) and closed a deal on a name while there. The “real” vacation starts on Thursday, but I’ll still be working…. I know you know how it is.

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