Ignite.com Leads the Way at Great Domains Auction


The first Great Domains auction of 2015 hosted by Sedo ended this morning, and Ignite.com sold for $112,500. The reserve price on Ignite.com had been set between $50,000 – $100,000. In total, the auction grossed a bit under $130,000 in sales, with 6 domain names selling.

I know that Sedo broker Dave Evanson had been reaching out to end user buyers to sell Ignite.com, and there is a good chance one of those contacts was the buyer given the final sale price. Once payment is made and the domain name transfers, I will follow up on this if there seems to be a good story about the acquisition. There are quite a few companies that would benefit from owning Ignite.com, and “ignite” would make an excellent brand name.

The second highest sale of the auction was Wardrobes.com, which sold for 9,999 GBP. The list of the 6 domain names that sold is published below. I presume you may contact Sedo if you would like to discuss any of the other domain names that were listed but did not sell.

  • alerts.info EUR 99
  • wardrobes.com GBP 9999
  • cabriolets.net EUR 99
  • refresh.it EUR 999
  • mafia.it EUR 2900
  • ignite.com $US 112500

Since the auction ended today, I don’t believe any of these deals closed yet.


  1. In case you are unfamiliar with Sedo’s GreatDomains Auction, it is our monthly auction of premium domain names that runs for one week beginning on the third Thursday of every month. There are typically between 50-200 names auctioned per month and we pursue end users for higher end names. A few names that have sold in past auctions are moms.com($252K), gab.com($200K), musik.de($133K), etc. All bidders are required to complete a bidder certification prior to participating in the auction and name submissions must adhere to a set of criteria which ensures quality within the auction. Submitting potential names is very easy and can be done through a Sedo customer account or through one of our Brokers or Account Managers.

    More information on participating in the GreatDomains auctions:

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