Hunting Moon Brokering Six Names

As I mentioned earlier this week, domain names are generally the most liquid domain names a company can own. Although they might not always bring offers at the asking price, they can easily be converted into cash if liquidity is necessary.

Hunting Moon is a domain brokerage that specializes in adult-related domain names, but the company also has a considerable amount of mainstream domain name inventory for sale. I spoke with Hunting Moon CEO Evan Horowitz, and his company is brokering several two letter .com domain names, all of which are priced at $250,000.

The domain names for sale via Hunting Moon are:


Three other domain names, highlighted this week on my blog, were either recently listed for sale or had a major price drop.

There are several reason why these domain have considerable value, especially due to the short supply of just 676 possible combinations and the ease of recall. According to Horowitz, “2 Letter domains deliver the ultimate vanity truncation acronyms that corporations worldwide are hunting for!”

If you are in the market for domain names like these, be in touch with the respective brokers to work out a deal.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Does anyone have a complete list of sales over the past 3 years? It seems like most of these deals are done around the 100k mark… Why do brokers think they can get more than twice that ? The domain name holders should find a buyer by advertising on their site at a realistic price and keep the commission.

  2. Most in the last 3 years + have not been around $100k, most are not reported and I know this because I sold 4 and know the buyers have several more and if only they were all around $100k LOL

    $100k budget today = good luck at getting any LL.

  3. Elliot, so these are the reported sales since 2010 and have been discussed at lengths in the domain name forums. Most of them include the commission so the owners are actually get a price less than listed. Of course there are unreported sales such as to facebook that probably went for millions. The best way to look at these charts is the median price which is 125k…. half of the asking price hunting moon is trying to get. Thats like saying I am trying to sell my UWS 1 bedroom apartment for 1.5 million even though every apartment on my floor sold for 750k. (The penthouse sold for 4 million.)

    My only point was that it is easy to say there are unreported sales for far more.. But there seems to be a clear median price which is 125k from DNJournal, who is the most respected source in the industry, as i am sure you would agree.– 85k– 90k– 101k– 101k– 106k– 124k– 125k– 125k– 125k– 125K– 186k– 240k– 325k– 700k

    • I know of several names that were significantly more than $100k but were not reported publicly, but I do see where you are coming from. That said, I think those $100kish sales can be helpful in getting someone who needs cash to sell. Generally speaking, I think a wholesale average would probably be $125-175k (including “bad” letters) with end user sales being far greater.

      BTW, where on the UWS are you? I am at 72nd & CPW.

    • Of the above domains, the ones above 125k appear to be end user sales which accounts for the higher pricing. The ones below or at 125k, from a quick check, appear to be reseller.

      It’s not at all in any way like your UWS example. Real estate although having some similarities to domains isn’t the same.

      If apartments on your floor were selling for $750k you would probably have a much easier time selling it within the next two weeks for 85% of that value then someone selling trying to do the same thing with a domain. And it’s possible that if all the usual suspects are tapped out you might find it impossible unless you gave it 6 months to sell.

      On the other hand the chance of you getting 20% more for your apartment is slim. While the domain owner could not only get 20% more if the right buyer came along but get 1000% more if they got lucky. You will never get that lucky with your apartment (at least not in a short time period if you wait 20 years who knows).

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