Huge Web Design Template Sale


If you’re in the market for a template for a new website you’re interested in building, you may be in luck right now. Envato, the parent brand of Graphic River, Theme Forest, Audio Jungle, Flash Den, and Video Hive is having a very special sale to mark the company’s 3rd birthday.

From August 19 – 21, you can buy $300 worth of files for just $20. This is a significant savings, and it will allow you to experiment with different types of templates, themes, and designs for a website or even a mini-site, as I have used in the past. Included in the deal are 37 popular themes from Envato’s websites.

The deal includes themes in many formats, including some of the following: WordPress, HTML, Flash, Animation, Icons, Banner Designs, Music…etc. There are $300 worth of themes, and the cost is $20 for all.

This is a short-term offer and will be taken down after August 21, so think about it and act quickly if it interests you. It’s a great way to find cheap web templates – well, I should say discount web templates, since these look anything   but cheap.


  1. Thanks for the link elliot, brought my copy but looks like I won’t be to download it since I am in the country side this week in our campervan and just have slow internet 2G. Told me its going to take 13 days to download it.! Sounds like once the product is taking from the market place you are un able to download it. Bugger. Sorry for the moan.

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