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A couple of months ago, the owner of reached out to me because he decided to sell the domain name. I had previously submitted an offer, and he was asking people who had inquired in the past to make a best offer. As the owner of,, and, I know that plant and fruit domain names get a lot of interest, and I submitted an offer.

Unfortunately for me, my offer was not sufficient, and I was unable to acquire the domain name.

Knowing the seller had fielded serious offers and planned to sell, I visited the domain name to see who bought it. My web browser showed a “privacy error” and would not let me proceed to the website. There seems to be an issue with the SSL certificate. I investigated further, and the issue that caused the error allowed me to see who bought the domain name.

The SSL certificate is in the name of Huckleberry Insurance Services, LLC. The certificate matches the company’s primary domain name, Huckleberry.CO. I believe that since the SSL is being used for Huckleberry.COM as well, my web browser is warning me that it could be unsafe.

Huckleberry Insurance is known simply as Huckleberry. According to CrunchBase, the company has raised $4 million in funding.

I reached out to Huckleberry Insurance asking for a comment about the acquisition, but I did not hear back. I also reached out to the former registrant to see if he would comment, but he opted to not provide a comment. Because my negotiation with the former registrant was private and I presume there is an expectation of privacy, I will refrain from sharing details or speculating about the purchase price.

I don’t know if Huckleberry will move to the .com domain name or use it as a forwarder, but I think it was smart for Huckleberry to buy They could have ended up having to pay more had a domain investor acquired the name for investment purposes, or they may have never had the opportunity had another buyer emerged then or in the future.

UpdateIt looks like the company decided to use the .com domain name for its website. Huckleberry.CO now forwards to


  1. Smart move. Lots of upgrades on a corporate level in the last weeks.
    All about owning your OWN brand, not some shady FB page and let Zuck charge you big bucks for every time you want to reach your followers. LOL. Looks like marketers finally did the math.

  2. It looks like the company decided to use the .com domain name for its website. Huckleberry.CO now forwards to

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