How Rick Latona Marketed Traffic Auction Domain Names


I was a recipient of a fruit basket from Rick Latona, which was a marketing tool to announce the sale of Rick and his team are always being creative when it comes to marketing domain names they are selling.

I want to share the top 10 things Rick and his team sent domain investors and end users to help spread the word about domain names for sale that were sold (probably because of the marketing):

  1. – Horse heads, ala The Godfather
  2. – Headless horses
  3. – AEIOU credits
  4. – Feral dogs from Cameroon
  5. – Feral cats from Cameroon
  6. – Camel Full Flavor Unfiltered  Cigarettes
  7. – Adult Friend Finder subscription to wives and Ray Neu to daughters
  8. – Same as above
  9. 10 LLL.mobis – Pigeon shit
  10. – The flu

(Kidding of course)


  1. Rick did a great job putting together a good inventory and Rick and Howard did a great job bringing in qualified bidders.

    Sadly reserves were a bit high but that’s nothing new in the domain auction business.

    That has to be a way to have a better sell through rate but this formula of 300 domains, mostly overpriced, is not working.

  2. Funny 😀

    Actually, the one I didn’t get is the fuss over that had a reserve of $100 and a Press Release that mostly talked about Groupon.

    Of course noone bought that pigeon.

  3. Hi Eliot,

    Well, if you accepted the fruit basket, well that’s your business. I appreciate the comedy but do you really think that auction went well? Too many domains picked for subjective reasons by the auction house. What ever happened to what people want?

    PS Your humour is burgeoning…don’t worry about Shane…lol

  4. @ Em

    To be totally honest, I didn’t watch/follow the live auction. I’m pretty exhausted and didn’t really do any analysis of what sold and what didn’t… Will probably do that in the next couple days.

    I do think was a good sale for both buyer and seller.

  5. I’m lol it sold that much

    Seriously what would you do with this. Web 2.0 branding name or a gossip site

    You can pick up a generic category product names that actually have type inn traffic for this price

    Way over hyped and paid on. its not as bad as or these dumb .co English names

    Pure speculation IMO.

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