How I Speculate on “Future Trends”

Because my business model relies on quick flips, I don’t hand register too many names with the hopes of selling them in a few years. Most of my acquisitions are made to capitalize on current services, products, and sometimes trends. However, sometimes I do make purchases based on the potential for future value.

At the end of 2009, I learned that there were a few cities vying for the 2018 Winter Olympics. I did some research and found that Pyeongchang, South Korea was a leading candidate, so I investigated what domain names were available. I know the Winter Olympics aren’t nearly as popular as the Summer Olympics, but I also know that hosting them will almost certainly bring tourism.

Instead of registering Olympic-related domain names, which is what many newbies and rookies do, I hand registered a few names I thought might have value should Pyeongchang be named the host. This morning, Pyeongchang was named the host of the 2018 Olympic Games.

The domain names I was able to secure include:


I tried to buy, but the asking price was too high. I also see on Sedo, but I don’t wish to make a $1,000 minimum offer.

I don’t know if my domain names will see significant offers or just one offer, but it’s neat to speculate like this. I don’t think this is like playing the lottery because I did my research and knew that there was a good chance at least one of the names would have value if Pyeongchang was chosen.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hi Elliot,

    This is one of those posts where I condemn your ways.

    I have read many posts where you stated that hand registrations were absolute taboo. You have been emphatic in saying that folks should buy aged domains.

    Now, you reveal that you have been hand registering domains, albeit with a strategy of selectivity, and wit.

    You have to admit that you have misled many people with your popular blog. This one takes the cake. I don’t think it’s a benign thing to do.

    How can anyone listen to your “advice” after this revelation? I have never listened to you, am just saying all these poor sheep that follow the “pro-domainer”.

  2. @ Uzoma

    Where have I said that ever? You must have some sort of selective memory.

    Here are two recent posts where I mentioned some of my hand registrations, so clearly you are wrong and misleading in what you wrote: (hand registered) (hand registered) (hand registered) (hand registered) (hand registered)

    BTW, perhaps you are referring to this post:

    although you should notice the word RARELY, which means “infrequently” not “never.” Also, the names mentioned in this post were names I bought 2 YEARS ago in 2009.

  3. @Uzoma—you sucker–if you believe what you read what others put on their self serving blog,then I have a domain to sell you cheap and will make you super rich within 6 mths.

    Domain business is just for pure BS enjoyment…nothing more nothing less.

    If you come into this game with this kind of BS attitude, then you will have more fun and make more money as you have less expectation and stress.

    Trust me….I having a good fun time in this BS word domain game.

    Do not be a sucker in this game….have fun! Go read the “BullS”

  4. @ Uzoma

    Hello… still waiting for you to show me where I said that I never hand register domain names. I rarely hand register names these days, and 95% of my sales are on names I bought in the aftermarket, but I am waiting for you to show me where I “misled” anyone.

    I have a feeling I will be waiting for a while because I’ve never said “I don’t hand register domain names.”

  5. @BullS – you sure spend a lot of time reading domain name blogs for someone who thinks domaining is “pure BS enjoyment.” I’m pretty sure you comment on every single domain blog at all hours of the day, probably more than anyone.

    Good advice Elliot, but the particular example (2018) is MAJOR speculation. I’m huge on hand reg’s- if you have patience and are willing to wait 1-2 years they often pay off HUGE.

  6. Trend followers:

  7. @ M

    Thanks, and I agree. I don’t have much patience, although I sold 3 hand reg names from 2009 for $3k about 2 months ago. The funny thing about that was I had them listed for sale on a forum for a few hundred dollars with no takers. Shows the difference between domainer flips and end user sales. They came to me as opposed to me emailing them.

  8. Elliot,

    I’m still researching, if I’m wrong I’ll admit it.

    By the way, whenever you use “domain acquisition”, it implies, you purchased the domains as opposed to hand registration, fair?

  9. @ Uzoma

    Yes, I generally distinguish between acquisitions and purchases.

    I don’t speculate on a lot of hand registrations anymore. Most are related to websites like or similar. However, I still hand register domain names infrequently and I can’t remember saying otherwise.

    I can’t remember ever being dishonest on my blog. There’s not enough incentive because of the embarrassment that would follow if I was dishonest and someone caught me.

  10. Elliot, the point of the post to me was to think of the future coming towards you and hand register domains which may intercept this future. If it does you may be rewarded. The domains for “now” are registered, for the most part. Good post and thank you, made me think. I also hand registered two domains, we’ll see in a few years if they work.

  11. @ BFitz

    Yes… also to show that I stay away from TMs and don’t go overboard when it comes to speculating. I could have bought dozens of other speculative names, but I stuck with 5 that may or may not work out.

  12. I hand reg a couple of cloud domains 2 yrs ago and got one sold for $2500.
    I used the 99cent godaddy coupon.

    Now tell me…who is having lots of fun!!!

  13. Last week, I hand reg 2 domains

    Most of the stuffs will be in Apps soon.
    Oh yea..hand reg those using the 99cent godaddy coupon.

    One already has offers!!! I good or what??

  14. @BullS

    Not at all, I just find it humorous that you post negative things about domaining ALL THE TIME in a sort of “stay away don’t register any domains” type of way. Yet you clearly spend hours upon hours every day registering domains, or at least reading about them.

    It’s just inconsistent, maybe you don’t like the competition and want fewer people in the game ? I don’t care, just trying to figure you out.

  15. Elliot,

    You know what?

    I’ll let your blog readers decide!

    If I’m the only one who thinks that you have vehemently dissuaded hand registrations, then I apologize. If however, others recall as I allege, that you have, at least implicitly, discouraged it, while you once in a while, in retrospect, revealed that you hand registered some, then you need to apologize. So, Bull$, tell me if I’m right, or Elliot is. And every other reader here should choose as well. Elliot constantly talks about buying domains, using the term “acquisitions”, and at the same time berates hand registration…. am I wrong?

  16. @ Uzoma

    I do encourage people to purchase one great $5,000 domain name rather than hand registering $5,000 worth of domain names since those hand registered names will each have a $9 renewal fee every year while the one name will only cost $9 annually. It’s likely easier to find a buyer for one good name than a whole lot of crappy names that nobody else wanted to register.

    I personally could not make a living on domain names if I was relying on the sales of new, hand registered domain names, and it really bothers me when I see people spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on new names, not being able to sell them, and getting discouraged by this business. I would guess that most people who lose money in this business are buying domain names for $9/each. It seems to be easier for people to spend $5,000 registering a lot of $9 domain names than to decide to buy a $5,000 name.

    I also have said many times that I rarely hand register domain names and that is completely true. Not including today when I bought 9 city dog walker names based on a post Andrew made, I probably registered a total of 10 names this entire month.

    I am sure you’ve looked throughout my blog to find evidence of me saying something to back up your claim. Since you haven’t found anything or posted anything, I can re-affirm that your accusation us unfounded and pretty rude for someone to call me a liar like you did.

    I do discourage people from spending money wastefully on names that have no value, and a lot of people seem to treat domain names like lottery tickets.

  17. thanks for leaving available, I got this one this morning…I have a feeling the best time to sell any related names will be this month.

  18. Elliot,

    I DON’T think you are a liar, not at all. As evidenced by your popular blog, a lot of people like visiting your blog, and apparently, find you to be honest.

    However, I DO think that you do hold back your strategy of investing, use a poker a face for most part, and then boom, you reveal your domains when no one can take advantage of it, viz the South Korean city winter (Olympic) you stealthily purchased, only to reveal now. How come you didn’t reveal to everyone when you bought it in 2009?

    Anyways, Bull$ is one of your best friends, besides he is just as right as anyone in this damn business, it is a bullshit industry.

  19. @ Uzoma

    I’ve never even shared an email with BullS.

    That aside, of course there are things I don’t share. Wouldn’t it be stupid if I gave away everything I know? I don’t make nearly enough money from advertisers to give away everything where it would harm my business. I don’t steer people in the wrong direction, but I am not going to tell everyone what I am doing and why I am doing it.

    If this was the gold mining days, I would be pretty dumb to tell everyone exactly where I was finding gold. Some people think I am silly for even giving as much information as I do, and unfortunately it’s been detrimental to my business before. However, I enjoy having the blog so it’s worth it.

    I am happy to share some tips and won’t give people bad information, but if you think I or anyone else would give away everything I know and am doing, you are mistaken. I would bet a lot of money that I probably share more insight into how I operate my business than any other person who does this full time.

    Mike Berkens is probably the only other blogger who writes as much as me who also makes his living solely from domain investments. Mike certainly earns far more than I earn, but I do okay. Do you think Mike gives away all of his secrets and strategies on his blog? That wouldn’t be a good idea, and I am sure there’s plenty he keeps private.

  20. Elliot,

    Seriously, if you are not giving away everything you know, it would be a good idea to have a prominent DISCLAIMER on your blogs, stating “Look, I’m holding some stuff back” and so on. Honestly, the way you come across to most of your readers, you appear to be sharing everything you know, what you buy, the trend, insight, everything. Little do they know that you are only giving away a fraction. Do you tell them 10%, 13%, 21%, what? Nobody knows. I think it was particularly interesting that you thought about investing in Winter Olympic City 3 or 4 years before it’s chosen, that is clever. But you did not share that. That is quite something to hold back. Only a sophisticated person would think of such domain strategy, something your readers would have benefited tremendously from. The latency of this particular call, was improper in my opinion.

    Like I said, you are different from Berkens. I doubt if anyone expects him to give out his strategy. He is a loquacious blogger like you, but that’s where the similarities end. I like his blog, as I do yours, but the personalities are 180 degrees apart.

    Elliot, I’m not saying that you are a bad guy, I think you try, but it’s within criticism to win all these awards as the best domain blogger, and hold back some of your sophisticated strategies.

  21. @ Uzoma

    Are you being serious? This is my blog (hence the name) and I can share what I want when I want. I do have a disclaimer that is pretty clear (not much legalese), and I would be shocked if anyone really thought I was going to disclose everything I am doing in my privately held business. If it came down to running my business or writing my blog, I would choose my business in a second. It’s my business that gives me insight to share.

    Do you think I should tell people what domain names I am in negotiations to purchase before I get them so others can bid against me? Should I tell people what auctions I am bidding on to increase the competition? How about what parameters I set on freshdrop so people can see what types of names I am buying and bid against me? Maybe I should record all the Whois lookups I do so that people will try and buy those names. Perhaps I should make all my negotiations public so buyers who want to buy in private can be scared off. Maybe I should disclose all of my buyers so that people can bombard them with their crap names and try to sell them?

    Where does one draw the line?

  22. @Uzoma … Huh ? I can’t tell if what you wrote above is a joke. Why on earth would Elliot tell you exactly what names he is going to hand-register … that would defeat the entire purpose as they would no longer be available for him to register.

    Did you mean to place a /sarcasm tag at the end of that ?


    Some weird fuck*in characters in domaining. I guess it has to do with the low barriers to entry … any weirdo with $9 and an internet connection can take part!

    Elliot, why waste your time responding to such nonsense ?

  23. @ M

    I guess I am a glutton for punishment.

    Anyhow, if I had told people those 5 names and why I bought them, you can bet people would have gone out and registered a whole bunch more names to try and replicate what I was doing. They probably would have bought Olympic related TMs as well. Surely they would have bought names related to the other cities, which would now be worth nothing. Imagine all that times 2 for the # of years people would have had to register these names. That’s another reason why it would be silly.

    Also, if I told people after I bought the good names, that probably would be frowned upon by Uzoma since they would then be gone. It would leave the names I thought were crap, and people would still probably buy them. I would be accused of getting people to buy crappy names.

    It’s a no win proposition.

  24. @M & Elliot,

    If you set up shop or blog ( and to answer questions, as well as give daily advice to domainers, as you frequently do, you can’t ethically hold back anything. You are damn right, there’s no where to draw the line.

    I don’t give advice to domainers, therefore I don’t have to disclose anything. However, if you covet, and actually win awards for giving these advice/advises, you are precluded from holding back. Trust me, you can’t ethically find the lines to hold back any. Failure to disclose what you know alone, could lead your followers to perish in the domain investment wilderness.

    But, we can end it here, and simply agree to disagree.

  25. Uzoma,

    Of all the idiotic comments I have read yours is up there. Elliot runs a domain name blog wher he talks about domains, some things that work and more to help people understand this business. He does not run “100% money back gaurantee – I will make you rich if you follow my advice my blog”.

    There are lots of people who make money in this industry and 99% of people do not share the many ways to make a living in this business. Note the key words “make a living”.

    You need to appreciate that Elliot gives more information away to help people than almost anyone online. Look at the commentators on his posts. How many of them actually are recognizable by name and have a real success story behind them? His patience is immeasurable with newbie questions and stupid questions alike.

    Most of the chatter in this space is from people with day jobs because the people making the money have no desire to tell the world. I read what Elliot says and sometimes I want to kick him in the head for telling people a trick or two but on the other hand I know he is genuinely trying to help people out. You will not find this honesty and willingness to share information with anyone else in this industry.

    However this doesn’t mean he owes anybody a business plan or an insight into everything he does. You are way off base here and it sounds like you don’t understand the hard work and money it takes to learn the real lessons to buy, sell and develop domains but want a free business plan from somebody else who has.

    I suggested to Elliot that he should charge $1 per person to subscribe to this blog so he could weed out the moronic commentators like you however he is way too nice for this and even continually replies to you.

    No one owes you squat. However Elliot gives a lot more than anyone else, if you can’t piece the information together and are relying on Elliot (or anyone else) to tell you exactly how to make money then its time to look for another job.

  26. Good names imo, in 2018 people will be all wahwah why didnt I think of that. In fact, some already are and its 7 years away 🙂

    “Where does one draw the line?” -wherever you darn well like, its your property.

    As for the $1 subscription charge idea, personally I dont think its a good one. Thats not to say it wouldnt be money well spent because I believe it would be (I would pay it). Its just that new people would be hesitant to do so and would unwittingly lose out on some great advice and commentary. Some laughs too 🙂

  27. @Mario,

    Why is Elliot responding to me? It’s called conscience. You sound like someone in a picture I saw once, the prostrate form of Mr. David Ellington, scholar, seeker of truth and, regrettably, finder of truth. A man who will shortly arise from his exhaustion to confront a problem that has tormented mankind since the beginning of time. A man who knocked on a door seeking sanctuary and found instead the outer edges …here, let me refer you to Youtube to check it out:

    Make sure to watch all three segments, and get back to me.

  28. @ Uzoma

    I am responding to you because we are having a discussion on my blog. I could simply ignore you, block your IP, spam your comments, or delete your comments since we don’t agree, but that wouldn’t be nice. I don’t think you mean any harm, and despite the fact that I (and others) seem to disagree with you on this and other things, I don’t find that you are being offensive or aggressive, so I am fine with conversing.

  29. Uzoma – who cares what he puts on his blog, it’s his blog and if you don’t want to read it then don’t.

    You gotta put 2 and 2 together yourself.

    From two blog posts I saw that Elliot paid $50k or something for a geo (city) domain… and that he handed the development of it over to someone else and the site was pulling in Peanuts… so he is not a pro. Coulda made a better return in a bond fund, lol.

  30. For God Sake…..take it easy…it is just a word BS game

    If you want to be stupid and buy dot whatever, go read Domain Shame blog- always promoting dot net rather than dot com.

    You want to be smart and save lots of money, go read “BullS” ,make sure you make it as your homepage.

    Again, this domain crap is just a game where anybody and everybody can play.

  31. @ Chris

    Paid $50k for and it’s now making around $500/month

    Paid a lot for (NDA), and I handed off the local marketing and it’s making somewhere between $1-2k/month.

  32. What colour pants are you wearing, are they thongs?

    You must share everything from now on!

    P.S. Love the site.

  33. Uzoma wrote…


    Seriously, if you are not giving away everything you know, it would be a good idea to have a prominent DISCLAIMER on your blogs, stating “Look, I’m holding some stuff back” and so on.

    People like you make me sick, blaming others for your bad decisions. I don’t agree that Elliot should have a disclaimer, but I understand why large companies cover their asses on a daily basis…because of people like you, always looking for a fall guy when things don’t work out.

    Instead of reading blogs all day, trying to get some free info from someone who has actually done some research, why don’t you read the news and speculate for yourself?

    Afterall, unless Elliot had an IOC mole working for him, the Olympic news stuff was available to all of us.

  34. What a joke.

    Keep up the great work, Elliot! I’m sure I speak for many out there: the nuggets of info you do reveal are golden and I’m very grateful for everything that you are willing to share.

    Thanks for a fantastic, honest resource.

  35. Uzoma, if you’re serious about what posted, then you’re a Socialist. Perhaps if you registered and then made a blog about it, you could find your niche. If your current website is any indication of your success in this business, then I can see why you made the comments that you did.

    As for BullS, he sounds like he could be Rick’s struggling stepbrother, except that he’s even more annoying, louder and actually broke.

    In any event, if one compare this Blog to others within the industry, they should quickly find that E gives as much away as he probably can afford to, without it affecting his business.

    Here’s my generalized comment for the day: 79% of you people are nuts.

  36. 2018… that means they hae plenty of time to apply for their own gTLD 🙂

    Uzoma looking ahead and hand register domains on what mightbe big is pretty old. You need to have alot of stamina and deep pockets if you go in big. And if you go in big there is always the risk that something doesn’t become big…. So it can go two ways.

  37. @Datura

    You can read more about me at “BullS’

    How about you? hiding behind some old ladies’ skirts…

    datura-Please do not BS with me as I have the website of the year…

    Bsing the BSer is bad for you

  38. You know what really gets me in this industry?

    Here I am trying to help these domainers, and what do they do? They turn around and bite me.

    As if I’m the bad guy. Elliot and I are having a conversation on an important issue. It doesn’t help the discuss to have some of these guys worshiping idol (idol being Elliot).

    What does it boil down to: Elliot is saying that he doesn’t have to divulge everything he knows, and I was asking him not to hold anything back; fine, a reasonable person can hold either position ( I happen to like my position better), but to have these domainers side with Elliot is shocking.


  39. Uzoma— did elliot hurt your feeling? oh oh…come to papa

    anyway…go read “BullS” and you will feel better.

    make it your homepage.

  40. @ Uzoma

    I don’t think anyone would expect me to give away all of my business secrets because that would harm my business. If my business is harmed, there is no reason to write my blog. I sometimes handicap myself with some of the information I share, but I want to help others succeed and know that there were several people who have given me great advice along the way.

  41. BullS, just take it as compliment. After all, I did go to your website. You’re carving your niche within the market which is better than not carving anything. You’re at least getting noticed, even if your technique is pretty damn annoying. As for Uzoma, it’s his/her spread all the wealth and knowledge mentality that frustrates me the most. There are no free lunches in this business. Consider anything you read on this blog another tool in your toolbox and nothing more. Elliot, nor any of us are here to make you rich.

  42. I just wanted to note that something similar to one of Elliots’ hand-regs which was mentioned is available: :o)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys!

  43. “You know what really gets me in this industry? Here I am trying to help these domainers, and what do they do? They turn around and bite me.”

    sheesh . . . lets flip that around. You’re bitching at Elliot and the guy just writes a blog. Take your advice and pack it in to your own blog.


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