Greta Van Susteren Controls Her Destiny


If you follow mainstream news, you likely heard that Fox News and Greta Van Susteren parted ways. Apparently, it wasn’t so amicable from what I have read in a couple of articles. Shortly after the departure, I understand that Fox took down Greta’s blog, Gretawire, and the publisher redirected to

In addition to this, Fox also apparently forwarded to There was one problem with this though – Greta Van Susteren owns, and as a result, she controls how is used. Here’s what she said about this in a Facebook post:

According to DomainTools Whois History Tool, it looks like Greta was able to acquire in or around October of 2012. Prior to this, the domain name was owned by what appears to be an advertising firm based in Minnesota.

Namebio does not show a public sale record, so I have no idea what Greta paid to acquire First name .com domain names have been selling well for the past couple of years (and beyond). My guess is that the name alone is worth low to mid 5 figures or perhaps more because of the provenance of the domain name. Incidentally, Greta also controls the @greta Twitter handle.

One thing is for sure though – Greta was wise to buy this domain name. Even though she is forwarding it to an animal rescue organization for the time being, this could be a great destination for her website in the future. By owning, Greta Van Susteren controls her online destiny.

Thank you to Tasha Kidd for sharing this with me via Facebook.

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  1. I liked her when i had cable, she calls a spade a spade.
    But people like that can cause a problem not being political correct.
    Just like years ago when KFI Radio let Tom Leykis go hear in Los Angels because he was not a go along to get along type of guy.

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