Great .com Domain Names Wanted

I am looking to purchase a couple (maybe a few) strong keyword .com domain names. The maximum budget is $10,000 for each name, although I may be persuaded to pay more for the right name(s). You can have a look at my recent sales and current projects page to see what types of names I’ve sold and own to give you an idea of what I am looking to purchase.

Some of my most recent aftermarket purchases include,,, and, among others.

The only requirement is that the names be great, .com names. They must also include the price and your contact info. If you happen to see a name that you like, feel free to contact the seller. There aren’t many requirements on this post, so please keep them in mind to not waste your time, my time, or the time of anyone else.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Elliot,

    Are you seeking insurance, law, product, real estate etc. Can you narrow it down some. I have great .com names that I have had for several years and some are 11-12 years old.

  2. .co will overcome .com and I own asking 5k

    Serious offers only and won’t consider anything lower 4900 because its .co

  3. – $9,500 – $1,500 – $1,000 – $1,000 – $500 – $500 – $2500 – $500 – $500 – $1,000 – $1,000 – $1,500 – $1500

    • @ Andrew is probably a good one, but not for me at close to that price. I had a similar one (city with similar profile) and couldn’t find a buyer @ $500.

  4. – $2500 – $1500 – $1000 – $1000 – (not “pilates mat,” it’s one of the major types of Pilates classes that doesn’t involve a Reformer machine) – $1000
    SchoolSpiritPromotions – $750
    HousekeepingLadies(dot)com – $500
    WineandSpiritGifts(dot)com – $500


    These are just a few I have. Taking offers on these. email Thanks.

  6. not a lot of search but great name for an app developer. (IMO) $850 and
    Same here but for a labor management system company. $2,800 and $1,100

    I did not know you played in restaurants, how about a NJ network: 2,900 search $500 9,900 search $500 4,400 search $500
    Or $1,200 for all three. 12,100 search $400 (NV)

  7. Nearly all of my domains are in cue to be developed however I do have: – $150 – $200


    Email for more.

  9. 24HourRental.Com 6500.00
    SliderTablet.Com 8500.00
    SlidingTablet/s.Com 7500.00 for the pair.
    WaterproofSmartphone.Com 8900.00
    CloudCloudCloud.Com 7500.00
    TornadoInsurance.Net 4500.00
    GayMarriedCouples.Com 9500.00
    StreamingWallstreet.Com 7500.00
    StreamingRights.Com 7500.00
    GroupVideoCalling.Com 3900.00
    TabletsTabletsTablets.Com 6500.00
    AnimalManure.Com 2900.00
    3DFreeTrial.Com 5500.00
    BikeSharingProgram.Com 8500.00
    KickingButts.Com great stop smoking domain 8500.00
    LaAptRentals.Com 7800.00
    JustGetUp.Com 3500.00
    FreeTvToGo.Com 3500.00
    PersonalTvService.Com 3500.00
    NewEyeballs.Com 7500.00
    PayNearYou.Com 4500.00
    NoWhereIsSafe.Com 2500.00
    OnlineGamblingDC.Com 9900.00
    ReporterRoulette.Com 2900.00
    SubscribeToMyFeed.Com 3500.00
    SuggestionsForYou.Com 3600.00
    WhoIsFollowingYou.Com 6500.00
    WhoIsWhoWas.Com 2500.00

    email us @

  10. 3,2k$ (reg. in 1996, expires in 2017) 5,8k$ (epik site, receives traffic from SEs, stats on demand) 2,9k$

  11. Since You like and are Good at Directory type names:

    You want any them or anyone else
    Come at me with a price
    I’m in deal making mode

  12. 6GPHONES.COM 100.00
    DNACLEARING.COM 2,500.00

    Place dotcom in subject

  13. – $500 – $500 – $500 – $500 – $500

  14. Hi 🙂 $1500 (declined low $xxxx, other offers welcome) $1500 $1500 $2000 $2500 $2000 $2000

    all offers welcome – bin valid for 24hr only.
    contact @


  16., $7,000 [2.7mm google pages, 3600 local monthly gakt], $4,500 [4mm google pages, 390 local monthly gakt], $4,500 [4.3mm google pages, 480 local monthly gakt], $2,500 [8mm google pages, local monthly gakt=590]

  17. BestRealEstateList.Com

  18. Hi Elliot, – 7,500 – 4,000 – 2,300 – 600






    (Temp bin 10k each)

    (10k pair)

    (10k pair)

  21., $2750, $3000, $5000, $5000, $500, $5000, $1500, $1200, $4500, $3000, $5000, $2000, $7500, $7500, $7500, $7500, $9500, $12000, $9500, $9500, $9500, $7500, $9500, $9500, $8500, $2500, $9500, $2500, $9500, $12000, $9500, $15000, $25000, $75000, $7500, $9500, $9500, $9500, $9500, $9500, $5000, $35000, $7500, $5500, $7500, $500, $9500, $11000, $2500, $1200, $12000, $2500, $2500, $2000, $1200, $1200, $9500, $35000, $500, $500, $9500, $7500, $25000, $9500, $9500, $20000, $19500, $20000, $5000, $9500, $50000, $5000, $25000, $25000, $20000, $25000, $12000, $15000, $14000, $9500, $19500, $11000, $7500, $9500, $9500, $2500, $17500, $7000, $2000, $20000, $25000, $25000, $25000, $25000, $30000, $30000, $30000, $2500, $4500, $700, $20000, $1500, $30000, $1000, $1000, $1000, $9500, $99000, $9500, $9500, $9500, $15000, $9500, $9500, $25000, $9500, $700, $300, $5000, $1500, $700, $500, $12000, $500, $500, $700, $70000, $2000, $9500, $16000, $27000, $25000, $9500, $60000, $1000, $25000, $20000, $2000, $5000, $9500, $2500, $7500, $9500, $95000, $95000, $155000, $35000, $1200, $1200, $1200, $5000, $2500, $7500, $9500, $9500, $2500, $12000, $2000, $145000, $3500, $9500, $45000, $7500, $5000, $5000, $500, $500, $18000, $29000, $500, $9500, $9500, $5000, $2500, $9500, $15000, $7500, $9500, $3000, $5000, $9000, $6700, $25000, $7500, $5000, $5000, $5000, $9500, $9500, $5000, $5000, $500, $5000, $5550, $7900, $8900, $11000, $500, $12000, $16000, $9500, $500, $2000, $1200, $5000, $25000, $40000, $9500, $15000, $5000, $5000, $9500, $25000, $9500, $25000, $9500, $12500, $30000, $15000, $9500, $8900, $6700, $12000, $7700, $40000, $50000, $9000, $15000, $35000, $8900, $15000, $17000, $43000, $125000, $10000, $9900, $130000, $20000, $24000, $23000, $40000, $37000, $50000, $13000, $14600, $125000, $15000, $65000, $5000, $5000, $75000, $3500, $150000, $6800, $5600, $5600, $8700, $125000, $50000, $25000, $18000, $40000, $15000, $50000, $40000, $6000, $2000, $12000, $5000, $6700, $9600, $12000, $7600, $6000, $8900, $5000, $5000, $5600, $7700, $4000, $8800, $2000, $30000, $8500, $20000, $9500, $9000, $5900, $5000, $7600, $9500, $12000

    Elliot, I removed most of the tlds but may have missed some..sorry. The current prices are the ones I sent to they are certainly negotiable…I am a broker and some of names already have several offers..but if you see one you like let me know. Some of the prices are somewhat high as I deal with Bank of America, Twitter, Google, Verizon, Huddle and other companines…Kev



    Something different…..

    BUYAFARE.COM $3500
    LAPTOPIE.COM $2500
    TOMSET.COM $2500
    TOOLDIES.COM $1000
    WHYJET.COM $2000


  25. Well, the following words are questionable:


    Other than that there are no TM violations. People think belongs to Facebook but it doesn’t it belongs to me. I have read 54 pages of their TM’s and they only describe the word “poke” and the image thereto. Therefore there is no infringement. The Adkeeper and Foresquare have already been deleted. As a lawyer, I will take my chances on icloud. I have been through the trenches with this type of stuff really isn’t that big of deal if you merely own the domain name itself…where the problem arises for people is when they attempt to sell products, similar website or advertise the same or similar products in whereas the entity was damaged. Basically, it nothing more than paying the attorney fee’s and court court costs if it even goes that far…generally a cease and desist letter is dispatched first and as long as you comply you’re good….Kev

  26. $1,000 – First George Washington quarter and popular coin on eBay (WWMI sold at $5500). This quarter site is a great ebay affiliate site. ($800) Check to see how you can implement the site as a new entrant in the resume space. Good resume affiliate programs available to make consistent revenue. $800 (City with population of 50,000 in San Bernardino County near Los Angeles) good keyword search volume.
    Push career services or build job directory. ($300). You can push to the owner of the or build a taxi cab sales lead generator. ($1000) ($200) ($500) City in Northern California. ($800) Los Angeles City. Good search volume. ($1000) ($350) ($500) ($200) & at $500 each ($500) ($500) made $40 on ad clicks. ($350) ($500) ($500) ($350) ($150) ($200) ($150) ($150) ($350) good search volume $500 ($250) ($350) ($450) ($250) ($250)

  27. Geo domain for one of the most expensive zip codes in America. Right across from you in Manhattan.


  28. @Kev ; you have many porn and drug names,Sir …
    Wish I could have it …my names are not worth for Mr Eliot to take a look …

    • @ Kev

      You don’t think the ebay name is a TM violation? Everyone thinks that the C&D letter will come first and if they comply all will be good…. that is until they are named in a lawsuit and have to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees hoping to avoid a $100,000 judgment. I am no lawyer, but I would have another look at your names.

  29. Ahh OK. Nevermind.
    Read the rest of the comments.

    Shoulda known that assclown wouldn’t own that name.

  30. @LS

    “Shoulda known that assclown wouldn’t own that name.”

    Yeah, I knew when I saw that domain listed there was no way it was actually owned by “Robert Cline”.

    Looking at Elliot’s post, the types of names he is interested in should be obvious – generic commercially viable keywords with a clear use.

    These type of responses are the reason I rarely post any WTB threads anymore.


  31. Per the original post –

    “They must also include the price and your contact info.”

    “There aren’t many requirements on this post, so please keep them in mind to not waste your time, my time, or the time of anyone else.”

    About half the posts don’t have asking prices. I am not sure why it is so hard to follow simple directions.


    LAPTOPIE.COM $2500
    TOMSET.COM $2500
    WHYJET.COM $1000

    email: nick (at) precisiondomains (dot) com

  33. – $300 – $335 – $550 – $850 – $370 – $775 – $335 – $250 – $1100 – $750 – $545 – $325 – $900 – $285 – $475 – $880

    let me know! Thanks, Jonathan

  34. Sorry, I haven’t found any great $10,000 names at great prices. I do understand that some people will post names at any opportunity they can get, but I don’t see any names I would want to purchase yet. I do appreciate the submissions.

  35. @Elliot – i know none of my names are worth that price but my cousin owns some gems which i believe he is willing to sell at the right price. He owns names like,, and just sold He also owns which i believe he is trying to sell for around the 10k range. Shoot him an email at if you are interested.

  36. 5000 7500 3500 2500 2500 2000 2000 1500 8000




    Exact match for one of the highest Volume*CPC insurance domains-$10,000. Decent type-in traffic. The non hypenated version would be worth at least 10x that.

  38. @Elliot – I wish you would please tell me/us exactly what is a $10,000 domain name because I’ve been messing around with domains for over 3 years now. My best sale would be $1100 and I know the exact amount because I’ve only ever sold like 7 domains in over 3 years and spent twice what I’ve brought in with services, gimmicks, tools, etc… I look at DNJournal and see names sell for thousands and I am like I know I have better names than that. I can’t believe what I see sometimes while reading that report. When I do crack the secrets and “make it”, I’m going to write a free e-book and tell all to anyone who wants to listen because this is the most confusing industry in the world. I realize almost everything we do with our day to day lives is “made up” and speculations and such but domains are that times 10.

  39. Brandable domain names for sale:

    Email me @

  40. @Elliot Again I ask – What makes a domain worth $10000 or greater? I see you have some very awesome 1 and 2 work product domains that you aren’t going to get for registration this day and age. I would assume you’ve spend thousands on that list already unless you bought them a LONG time ago. Still I have,,, etc… and can’t seem to get someone to pay me 2 to 5 hundred for them much less 10K.

    So do I have the wrong names? Is it impossible to get a 10k name today w/o spending 4or5 k of your own money?

    Then I look at DNJournal sales and see for $4500 and that just disgusts me. for $2500 – I’m getting much better names than this. Sorry to sound so down but could you offer an tips, tricks, whatevers? I really do want to succeed here but as always left frustrated.

  41. Elliot, there’s no excuse for those who are not following directions (like not posting their asking prices, or those who email you directly.) That being said, I think what may be throwing people off is that seems that you’re really looking to spend 5-10k on a domain and not really interested in spending $500-$2000 on a domain. When I see that someone’s budget is “up to” 10k, then naturally I’m going to at least try and offer anything names that may be worth $200-$1500 since they still fit that criteria. Some of these domains are crap, but then I also see development opportunities on some of the domains being posted, as well. Perhaps you should revise your criteria and specifically state that you’re looking for quality domains in the 5k-10k area only. Then again, I’m sure there will be those who continue to post $300 domains even if you stated that you’re looking for 5-10k domain. Anyway, just trying to help.

  42. @ Jonathan

    Highly searched keyword .com names are what I am looking to buy

    @ Devon

    I am not looking to do any additional development projects. I want to invest in a good name or three where there is some margin for me to re-sell it down the road.

  43. @Jonathan It takes money to make money in this business today. The only alternative if you have little to no start up capital is to develop either $70 domains or hand-regs, generate little revenue, flip, then purchase the names that Elliot continues to buy and develop. Rinse and repeat.

  44. @Elliot
    The Page you list the domains you have sold:
    Were the Select Top Notch Domains, LLC Sales the ones you sold the names only with no development whatsoever?
    If you are looking for for “highly searched keyword .com names” stick with Andrew’s newsletter … He does good work.

  45. @ John

    I don’t think I’ve ever sold a website before. had been started before I sold it but I think only the logo had been done.

    @ Devon and @ Jonathan

    I wasn’t around back in the day, so my high value domain names are all aftermarket acquisitions.

  46. @ Elliot invest or develop I was simply saying that people are posting subpar domains because they are seeing “up to” 10K and are posting everything under the sun, when it appears that you’re really looking to spend 5-10k based on what I’ve been reading.

  47. Elliot
    both together


    BDillerV (at) gmail (.) com

  48. BullS, yeah I dropped about 1000 Marijuana domain names this last year year…and yeah you are the new “MarijuanaGuy!”

    Elliott, yes true…Ebay is a TM …I truly thought I deleted it a few years ago. I only sent you a portion of what I have available and really neglected to look. So then, it serves me right for not being on top of my game…lol But thanks for having my back and too I have already had several phone calls from potential clients due to your expert blogging! Oh, also I wrote an article at domainingLaws about UDRL it better explains TM and what it REALLY means. Keep up the good work Elliott….Kev

  49. – $400 – $150 – $150 – $250 – $150 – $250 – $500 – $500 – $1000 – $1000 – $300 $500 – $1000 – $750 – $300 – $500

  50. @ Andrew

    “He owns names like,, and just sold He also owns which i believe he is trying to sell for around the 10k range.”

    I own, and have owned it for awhile. It has not been sold.

    I am not sure how it got mentioned in this conversation.


  51. @Elliot

    So… I own the domain and i go to Google and type in “Cake Showcase” and get 229,000 results. Does this mean I have a highly searched keyword domain? I guess it means a highly indexed keyword domain but how would I know if it is also a highly searched keyword domain and therefore supposedly valuable? I normally just buy good domains that are dot com, short and sound good to me. thanks, Jonathan

  52. @ Jonathan

    No. Google Adwords Keyword Tool shows only 880 searches BROAD match a month, meaning only around 880 people search anything with these 2 keywords. Exact match, meaning people who search those exact keywords is just 140 globally.

    I could possibly see someone wanting to name their company the Cake Showcase perhaps, but that means only that one person would be interested and it’s unlikely anyone else would want to buy it. Similarly, they could just as easily be happy calling themselves the Decadent Cake Showcase and they wouldn’t care about your domain name… just some food for thought.

  53. Hello Elliot,

    I have one domain that could be built out in the directory style that you may be looking for:

    Distressed Assets . Com

    The real value of the domain in not the CPC or search volume but the type of person that will be typing this into google, someone looking for an investment that has liquid!

    You loving the pitch so far? 😉

    I saw the range of prices you sought to pay, I will let you have this for $7,500.

  54. Have a few that will be in that range… (as far as I know, the last available single key domain)

    And some well known regional CO’s (Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Home Town)

  55. Hi Elliot,

    I have several generic keyword domains that include the term “a la”. My decade old idea to reserve these was sort of a futuristic projection for portal websites – for instance, conventional entertainment delivered in a dot com style – i.e., movies made to be watched online, television shows, cartoons, situation comedy, adopted to online formats and other key words with “a la” added to the left of .com as a descriptive distinction for online destinations that focus on particular interests such as, art, film, design, etc.

    FWIW here’s a sampling:

    • @ BJ

      The problem with registering names like that is that you need to find someone with the same idea as you who wants to ay you for them. In reality, someone could just aseasily hand register those same names with lo or ma at the end.

  56. @Kevin–I have been selling lots of marijuana domains lately because the State I am in has just legalized marijuana and more states will be legalizing too as they see the $$$$$ coming in.

    Sooner than later, marijuana, online gambling and same sex marriage will be legalized because the politicians are OLD and they will died. The Generation facebook will take over.

    Iit is just a matter of time.
    Look at Cuba-they are opening the market now .

    Best still, I am growing marijuana and with my solid marijuana domains I have, I will be the CARTEL!!!

    You want marijuana, go see the MarijuanaGuy.

    Get the drift!!!

  57. since you do like the balls of . i have for you the and the please to buy

  58. If they legalize pot in LA will be worth anything.
    I wonder what will come first – new gtld hitting the streets, or legal pot in LA.

  59. $2,450

    I ON $2,450 $699 $1250 $1250 $690 $299 $2450

    and a nice .net $6950

    Contact at:

  60. I have the following domain names for sale:

  61. (#1 Google result for “Westwood Village,” “Westwood Village Restaurants,” “Westwood Village Stores,” etc.) – $5000 – $1100 – $900 – $900 – $240 – $350 – $350

    maggie at joneslabs dotcom

  62. 500$ 500$ 500$

    Note: sold for 375 000 US$ in 2008 and looking for 500$ for reg 2005 in internationalized domain names beginning and both reg 2005 for idn domain name may worth like and

  63. includes hyphenated.10,000 includes hyphenated10,000 10,000 includes hyphenated.5,000
    If you are interested in ecotourism domains i have most of the dot coms .

  64. With the World Cup and the Olympics going to Rio de Janeiro in the next few years and well over 300 milion people that speak Spanish worldwide. I thought this my be worth a look.

    Not looking to break the bank, just a fair offer.

  65., and, the three of them for $30000

    As for me, would stand for Personal Digital Assistant and Mobile Gadgets. Notice how fast you would type PDA.MG on an old mobile gadget (I mean without qwerty keyboard), as you only need to type once on a key for each letter even with numeric keypad.

    you can setup to redirect to, then, typing only pdamg (without the dot, without the com) would bring visitor to


    with so many cutting cable service, this short, self descriptive, app name / domain name combo should appeal for a suitable end user; $ 2,250

  67. and are not GREAT domains at around 10k? Check back in 5 years and you will WISH you got these for this price when you could. Would you expect or to be for sale around that price??? NO! Domains are actually nothing like real estate in many regards.. there isn’t anything to compare them with. The ‘value’ someone (who has no interest in the domain) puts on your domain is so meaningless. Many domains listed here are worthless – IN MY OPINION – but that’s about all it is .. my opinion, or anyone’s. Every week we see ‘worthless’ domains sell for good dough do we not? We ALL KNOW generics CAN BE VALUABLE but they are not always the most valuable or even more valuable than a ‘brand’ domain, or a 3 word domain or .. or .. ( can you say They sell if someone WANTS IT!.. If an investor wants it you better ask why?? .. Ok.. a few more from me all in the asking price range.

  68. At first glance the gamesforgirls sale might appear ridiculous, and on further research one can easily confirm that it was.
    Far too cheap.

  69. Interesting names for a database. … $950 … $1,000 …$4,500 … $1,200 … $999

    Both US and international use for … maybe below 10k.

    It is always interesting to see what everybody is look at and what is out there in domain names to buy.

  70. Eliot,

    The following domain names are For Sale. You can reach me at (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Phrase)
    Cable3DTV.COM (TV/Media) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Comparison Site) (Technololgy) (Technology) (Geo Food) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Political Tool) (Phrase) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Technology) (Political Tool) (Brandable) (Phrase) (Phrase) (Brandable) (Brandable)

    You can contact me at

  71. Elliot.. I may have got a little bit over excited on that last post but I was not angry – though after reading it myself it sounds like I was. No.. just a little passionate… Like many domain ‘investors’ I am still learning and finding my niche .. which means also having my own strategy while learning as much as I can from those who are successful all the while having some fun and sales along the way. It is impossible to recognize all domain names that are worth having. I once sold a ‘city’ domain name for 10k but before it sold anyone and everyone I asked said it was worth $1500 max.. those kind of lessons stick with you as well as underselling a domain.. but that is what is so fun and challenging about it all. Glad to discover your blog and appreciate the opportunity to list some names as well as discuss domains. Much success to all!!

    a few on the wild side…

  72. $500 $4000 $1500 $500 $3000 $8000

  73. People should register less domains and spend more money on dev. Even if they are developing mini sites.

  74. Hi Elliot,

    I know that you invest and develop geodomains. I have:

    You can buy all 11 as a package for $3000.

  75. Elliott – Got a set – I see this as more of a small business play. Small businesses to find financing. It’s hard to come by these days. -I see this as more of a retail play ex: Dentists / Doctors / Stores direct their customers to shop around for loans here.

    $10,00 for the pair.

  76. HighDefinitionProjectors 7500

    BodyArmorVests 9500

    Eventmaking 5000

    Apply4Membership 20,000/ pr

    LasVegasLiveEvents 900

    HomeCreditCounselors 8500/ all

    SystemInstallers 3000

    GamingRecreation 8500/ pr

    HighResolutionVideo 7500

    FreeDownloadGuide 1500

    RadioControlSystems 3500

    OrganicFruitSnacks 1500

    NaturalBuildingMaterials 2500

    HomeProfitOpportunities 4500/ pr

    *all dot coms of course

    Much respect –

    chas in stl

  77. He has not yet seen the name he should pay …???a flash thought from seeing thousands of name ..ya great idea ..

  78. @picas

    If you wanted one $10,000 name, do you see any there that you could buy and make money on? I do not. Perhaps some could sell to the right buyer, but I am aggressive and I look for buyers. I don’t buy domain names to sit on them and hope someone comes knocking with deep pockets and the desire to overpay for a domain name. Many of these names make no sense to me and seem like lottery tickets more than meaningful domain names that will be coveted by more than one person or company.

  79. Elliot,

    I offer the below domains for your consideration: $2500 $1800 $1800 $2400 $2900 $2200

    I can be reached at

    Thanks for the opportunity.



  80. Again, Elliot, I AM NOT SELLING my “BullS’ no mater how much you are paying so STOP spamming me with your $$$$ Offers.

    You are not the only one interested in that “BullS”, there are many buyers from Iraq /rich Shrieks paying top dollars….so please keep your goggie money and go buy that $10k domain.

    thanks and Have a good BS day.

    p/s dot co is still available.

  81. Elliot,

    I’m fairly certain the names I’m submitting below would have more appeal than the “a la” collection I had pasted a few days ago, yet in all honesty, I will admit that I’m wondering if the price tags I’ve attached would make sense to you.

    Take (which can be considered a legitimately hyphenated word and domain name). I don’t know if you’d find this domain name desirable in the first place, but understanding you don’t buy hyphenated domains, and thinking of A-listed as a single word term, therefore strong as a keyword, I’m offering the unhyphenated version here.

    Nevertheless, I’ll ask if you can perceive to be an exception to the rule; a hyphenated domain that’s actually *more* valuable when it *contains* a hyphen…

    It strikes me worth noting that with a-listed and hyphen included, Google returns 1,500,000,000 results; without the hyphen, Google returns 6,720,000 results – however, searching for the term “alisted”, Google asks if I meant to search for “dlisted”…

    I’m also not very confident the other domains I’m submitting fit the requirement for strong keywords as I’m mindful of what you said about not being interested in building brands. For example, “couples” and “dine” seem like words that would inspire searches but combining those terms indicates a narrower focus and seems to detract from their individual value – and while I can see the strength in a keyword such as “sports” and it strikes me that “sports talk” is a common enough combo, it crosses my mind that the addition of “my” could make Sports Talk seem more like a brand that needs building than a domain you’d want to buy for its resale value… – $5,000 – $5,000 – $7,000 – $10,000 -$10,000 -$10,000 -$10,000

  82. @ BJ

    Those aren’t keyword search terms, as in, nobody is going to google searching for hot stock bot. IMO, the only way you’ll be paid anywhere close to your asking prices on those is if someone wants to build a company and use that as their brand. I am not looking to build a brand or hold on to a name for a long time until someone comes looking for it. Names like that can be hand registered and are more like lottery tickets in my opinion. Maybe you’ll get lucky, but most likely you’ll end up dropping them before someone wants to buy them.

  83. @Elliot

    Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for your comment regarding my domain

    To be honest with you I have not set up any type of domain selling database and hence don’t have a way to keep track (since I am concentrating the majority of my time on monetizing my domains instead of selling them).

    Please feel free to let me know if you find out what it was for sale for and I might be able to match it.

    Thanks again and sorry for any inconvenience,



    @ Rob is a very good name, but wasn’t it recently for sale for less than half that price?

  84. You say you’re in the Market for good .com domains. I can read perfectly well. If I’ve made a mistake or misunderstood then point me in the right direction. But don’t speak to me like a knob. Thanks.

  85. Eh… maybe you’re a knob?1? Jump down from your high horse… for just one second… and take a look at You might learn something and understand why ‘Elliots rules’ don’t always apply. I’m off… to get laid… you should try it sometime. P.S. knob.

  86. I’m not going to debate a guy who writes like he’s 15, and I am not going to get down from my high horse either.

    I did have a laugh at some of your names, especially the prices

    Kidding aside, the logo design is FAR superior to the quality of the domain names. If you created them, stick to your day job. You’ll have far more success with design than investing in domain names.

  87. What do people think about the up-and-coming Space Tourism market? I’ve read it will be in the 10 billion per year range before the end of the decade.

    I secured:


    among others. The commercialization of space is heating up. Maybe for sale direct to Virgin Galactic or Space Adventures or a better domain for space brokers than their travel site. Sorry, not really for sale, just like to get a second opinion.

  88. @Dan Loudon

    Hey Dan, thanks for support on CoffeeShop!!
    I really appreciated it!

    Personally I am not a fan of anything else other than .com, but I think that when you can come across some great non .coms, it’s worth the investment.

  89. @Dennis

    Dennis.. . I too agree that .com is KING but is a fantastic domain worth much more than 10k! .. I picked up too many non .com’s along the way but I’m in the process of letting some go. I sold on Sedo a couple years back. I was offered 1,000 for it so I let it go to auction thinking it would get a bit better.. but no it sold for 1k. Found out later it was bought by the same guy who paid $100,000 for!! Check with him by the way, he likes domain names! … Hindsight I should have countered with 15k and maybe I would have done better….. same thing happened to me with on Sedo. Live and LEARN I guess… that is what I try to do. Great domain name, hang on to it for no less than 50k, but that’s just me.

  90. @Dan/Dennis

    Nice banter. I picked up Steakhouses(.)net a while back and have been trying to find a home for it. Dot com is parked.

  91. @Dan

    Dan, thanks for the tip!! I sent an email to the team. Will pursue it harder. If it makes more than my selling price of 7k, I will owe you a big timer!!

    For me if I make a sale at the 10k really I will be more than happy. I hate to just have my domains sitting on my shelves. I like to rotate. I think its also a psych thing, cause when I get a new domain I am all revved up to make it known and sell to sell it. But as time goes by, I put it aside and less effort goes int there. Eventually it’s just sitting around. For this reason I like to sell it in that first initial crazed phaze.

    As for Sedo’s auctions, I am not a big fan. At all! And I have tried the featured listing with many domains. It hasn’t helped much. It all comes to how to make an active auction known. Must one randomly email portential buyers? Make it known through blogs and social media?
    Work aside with an ad agency? As in your case you had a potential buyer out there willing to spend decent money, but he was unaware of the existence of your item.

    A funny fact about sedo’s system is that they totally turned down as NOT being a great domain when they were accepting other 2 word .net domains such as
    When I persistently asked why they rejected it, they replied that after reevaluation they will accept it for reserve under 1k. Of course I rejected it. BTW, it is currently in an active auction in at beginning price of 3,5k.

    Great name Were you happy with the selling price you achieved?

  92. @Elliot
    Sorry meant Coffeehouses. I was just looking into Coffeestores and got carried away…..

    Personally I am a BIG fan of coffee. In any form it takes…..

  93. Hi Elliot,


    Google AdWords Keyword Tool:

    Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches

    antenna for digital tv
    110,000 49,500

    [antenna for digital tv]
    1,000 880

    “antenna for digital tv”
    5,400 3,600

    Thanks again,


  94. Didn’t get any feedback from you on 8/2 so trying again… 7500 9500 5000 20,000/ pr 900 8500/ all 3000 8500/ pr 7500 1500 3500 1500 2500 4500/ pr

    Much respect –

    chas in stl

  95. @Elliot

    Make me a reasonable offer if at all interested.

    Google AdWords Data is accurate.

    Also has a Trellian, Keyword Discovery Rank of 62



  96. Hi Elliot, $800 $800 $1000 $500 $500 $500 $900 $500 $900 $500 $1100 $500 $2200 $700 $1000

    Thanks for listening! 🙂

  97. OK, no problem. I agree it is a steep price for a new hand registered name.

    I also agree that it makes no sense as a “type-in domain” but I also think it makes very good sense as a “search term domain” and that it will rank among the top 10 of google’s SERP after the usual 2 month wait period.

    Thanks again and sorry for any misunderstandings this may have caused.


  98. @ Bftz What parking company do you have with? The page is easy on the eyes. I like domains like this one.. – although plural and a .net who wouldn’t want it?? A LOT of people LOVE steak. Elliot’s would be comparable with the .com .. what did you get for it Elliot?

    I remember not renewing and years back…. what a dummy huh?


    Driving through our local city park a few days ago I notice a huge old sign in the park next to a big slab of concrete …. it says “Dance Slab”.. ahhh ha! Of course I checked and then just hand registered it… am I crazy? A domain fool? or nice buy?? A few more to consider Elliot….

    How about

  100. @Dan

    Here is info on the parking service for Steakhouses:

    CPC continues to match that of adsense on my developed sites, well above anything I ever earned with a parking company.

    I will soon develop Steakhouses if I do not get a decent offer. I will use Directory Press, a WP theme from PremiumPress dot com. Same as DenverRestaurants(.)com which is almost done.

    Some of these domains are making the “Sell your .CO before they expire” lists look great 🙂

  101. I know you said .com, but this one is a rare 4 letter “pronouncable” and memorable one. It is also a fully developed e-commerce site.


  102. Sorry. I meant to include the domain name in the text. know you said .com, but this one is a rare 4 letter “pronouncable” and memorable one. It is also a fully developed e-commerce site. $5000



  103. “Oxygen Units” is part of the phrase, “portable oxygen units.” It means, “oxygen tanks,” and the reason it has value is: Google has got symantic on us. That means a keyword has weight like its counterpart the popular keyword, if the dictionary definition is similar. I do SEO, I’ve been studying Google and what comes up page 1, and the domain which come up page 1 are not always the popular search keyword, but a heavy-weight definition similar to the keyword. Did I express myself right? I think it’s something akin to the broad search on GAKT . . . Google has the ability to extract meanings and recognize similar words.

    TestRace is not such a great domain. “Test race” is something you would do with a car built for racing, you would “test race” it. Maybe for an automotive manufacturer in the race car business. What about vehicles which participate in, “Run What You Brung” races? It could have application there, for people who built their racing vehicle at home, to go out and “test race” their vehicle made from lawnmower parts. See:

    NerveToxin is a category of toxin which exists in lots of household cleaners and bug sprays. It would be interesting to supply a list for the consumer of household products containing nerve toxins.

    • @ ev

      Sorry, I don’t think those are “great” domain names.

      One name I did buy this week is There are 165,000 broad searches for “artificial insemination” and 27,000 exact match searches monthly. In addition, there are a whole lot of advertisers bidding on that and related keywords.

      In my opinion, that is a great domain name.


    The phrase, “3D Design Software,” is a searched term on Google with many paid ads.

    Broad: 3d design software 60,500 18,100 $2.64
    Phrase: “3d design software” 9,900 3,600 $2.89
    Exact: [3d design software] 4,400 1,300 $3.22

    $4200 via Moniker brokerage.

  105. Thanx for looking, @ Elliot. Aged since 2004, with 16% of the Exact searches, and a third of the broad searches, you would agree it’s a good name, right?

    With little development, it has been crawling up the SERP from page 10 to page 5 now. I’m happy to hang on to it!

  106. Elliot,

    Please do not spam me or call me or harass me 100+ times a day on pressuring me to sell you my “BullS”

    Read my fat juicy lip-“stick”—- I AM NOT SELLING!!!

  107. AutoDesk, Adobe, Corel, and Solidworks – I emailed the head of marketing. When it achieves page 1 Google for a search on “3d design software,” THAT will get their attention. By then, I may increase the price to $10,000. Already I have a manufacturer who expressed interest to become an affiliate, so if it makes $$, why should I sell?

    Anyway, I view with interest your development projects and investment and sales news. is banned from Google and Bing, so from my perspective, it makes me scratch my head anyone would be bothered with it, but you must have experience that I don’t know.

  108. @Louise

    Try … they just launch a new 3d drawing program. You can draw homes in 3D or 2D with the new version. They are out of Nashville area. I have not upgraded to the newer software, but I have heard about.

  109. Thanx for the suggestion, @ Dave!

    I like the brand name, SoftPlan, and 3D Design Software would be a great investment for it, as the familiar term keyword domain, correctly optimized, would increase its reach online. That’s the whole point of generic. You can brand on whatever you want and increase your reach with some keyword domain websites.

  110. “That’s the whole point of generic. You can brand on whatever you want and increase your reach with some keyword domain websites.”

    You hit it right…that why I was lucky to get for 1K from someone who was desperate.

    Thank YOU!!


    These are some of my GREAT domains. Can’t believe they were available! But they’re not for domain investors, who only invest in what is popular now, but end users will appreciate them.


    I am a relative newcomer to the domain biz, so I could not name the price, sorry for that. Anyway if any of them catches your fancy, we can deal.


  113. Hello Elliot,

    Here’s a few… $5,000.00 $9,000.00 $15,000.00

  114. Hello Elliot,

    Here’s a few… $5,000.00 $9,000.00 $15,000.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $15,000.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $15,000.00 $7,000.00 $7,500.00 $15,000.00 $20,000.00

    GamerVlog $15,000.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00

    MillionDollarDotCom $ $$0,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $20,000.00 $10,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00 $15,000.00 $10,000.00 $20,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00

  115. $3500 $3500

    Category killer, product names that are recognised worldwide.

    Every home has one, at least!



  116. give me your price then, as i said they are all negotiable,

    there is more high value domain names if you are intrested.

  117. Adam
    October 27th, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    Hello Elliot,

    Here’s a few… $5,000.00 $9,000.00 $15,000.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $15,000.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $15,000.00 $7,000.00 $7,500.00 $15,000.00 $20,000.00

    GamerVlog $15,000.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00

    MillionDollarDotCom $ $$0,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $20,000.00 $10,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00 $15,000.00 $10,000.00 $20,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $15,000.00 $20,000.00

    any one of my domain names is better than those above !

  118. (add year) is not a good domain name ? !
    (taken web) is not a good domain name ? !
    so nothing is good for you if they are not so

    • With all due respect, those names mean nothing and make no sense in the English language. How would “” be used commercially? What does “add year” even mean?

      If these names are so valuable, please find another venue to sell them. My most recent buys include,,…etc. Names that actually mean something.

  119. hers the last prices and not negotiable, $ 11.500 $ 99.000 $ 39.000

    good luck..

  120. Facebook is a business. You have domain names with two words that mean nothing when put together.

    Here are some other meaningless domain names made of random words put together that you can buy since nobody else has them:

  121. Hello Elliot,

    if you have any interest in these please do contact me. $990 $590 $590 $590 $790 $790 $590 $590


  122. I have domain names for Sale on Sedo. Most of them are “decent” names and some of them are very brandable. Also 14 of them have fixed prices and every single name has reasonable price.

    If you get interested in them please feel free to contact me via e-mail. If you’d like to buy some names from the domains that don’t have fixed prices, I can also set their prices up to fixed amounts. Lets take a look at my listing on through this link below:


  123. Hello Elliot,

    This is my first time posting on your blog, but I have read and benefited greatly from your blog. So, Thank you 🙂

    In response to this post, what would you think of for $1500?

    Email –


  124. Looking for buyers for:
    Online since 1996. Fairly high traffic.

    (price somewhat negotiable but OVER $25K offers only) (asking $8,000)


    This domain name is excellent for any auction site for cars, other vehicles, jewelery, or any other ebay alternatives. This can be used in a wide range. So I think you can sell it for a higher price.
    It is for sale only for $870!
    Search for Domain Burger in and watch my video.

  126. Hi. I notice it’s a while since anyone has added comments here but I do have a couple of .com names I had acquired for ecommerce projects I had planned to launch. I now have other priorities so am willing to part with these:-

    Was looking for offers around $5000 per name (negotiable).

    Please use the “contact us” form at to enquire if interested. Thanks.

  127. Hi Elliot,
    I don’t know if you are still looking….here are a several interesting domain names that might interest you…pricing is negotiable:

  128. Hi Elliot,
    Old posting…lol I have about 1200 marijuana niche domains. i.e.,,,,,,,, MarijuanaHerbicide(s).com, MarijuanaCounselor(s).com and many, many more.


  129. Hi,
    I own :
    Looking for real buyer for a growing business.

  130. Thanks Elliot,

    PopePeter.Com $2500
    InvestigationEquipment.Com $750
    GunAccessories.Org $1200
    MedicalWidgets.Com $2500
    FlightWidget.Com $2500
    MarketWatchWidget(s).Com Both $2500
    CellWidget(s).Com Both $5000
    eEpilepsy.Com $750
    MobiMedicines.Com $3500
    SmartPhoneWidget.Com $3500
    AnonymousAddress.Com $2000
    CellPhoneWidgets.Com $2500
    CreditEdits.Com $1000
    ElectricalDevice.Com $750
    InvestigationLabs.Com $500
    MesotheliomaConsult(ing).Com Both $500
    MesotheliomaDefenseAttorney.Com $500
    SEOAides.Com $750
    SEOWidgets.Com $3500
    StockFundAnalyst.Com $750

    All negotiable,
    Peace out

  131. Hey Elliot,

    I have few domains which are pretty good but I would like to see what business domains you looking for. I do not want you to spend time looking all domain names which might not suit to your business.


  132. Hi Elliot,
    If you are still looking for domain names, i have :

    Package or by unit. offer received at 27K$ A futur business at 200k per night. Thanks

  133. I am entertaining offers on these.
    LLC (no space)

    I have had offers on most of these already but I now have time to develop
    a few ideas of mine. If any of these are of interest email


    ( check or )

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