Sedo Launching New Marketplace Today

SedoI was just informed that there are going to be some  noticeable  changes at Sedo, and I want to let you know about them in case you are a regular Sedo buyer or seller. From my own experience, when a company changes the design and/or functionality of a website, it can be frustrating, so take a look at what you can expect to see when you visit Sedo after the re-launch.

Here’s what Sedo has to say about the changes that are coming today:

An Enhanced Version of Dropdown Navigation Returns to Sedo!

We’ve had a lot of feedback from our customers in the last two years following our website redesign. One of the major pieces of feedback we received is that our members prefer the classic style of navigation, featuring dropdown menus rather than a horizontal tab structure. That’s why we’ve decided to bring back an enhanced dropdown structure. This will make it easier for all members and visitors to the site to find what they need quickly, easily, and in the way they’ve asked for.

A New Homepage Design Puts Domains and Accounts at Buyer’s Fingertips

Starting with our .com site, we’re testing a new and simplified homepage. This test will enable us to better meet our visitors’ needs and empower customers to access domain listings and their accounts without distraction. Visitors to the US homepage of Sedo’s website will see either the current homepage, or this new version. We’re excited for the results of this test!

Expanded Reach Makes Sedo the Premier Choice for Listing Domains for Sale

All domain listings are automatically promoted across Sedo’s Domain Marketplace, including the SedoMLS Promotion Network. This expanded reach will help all sellers connect more readily with potential buyers and can help to increase the rate of sale.

Promotion Levels Make It Easy to Optimize Domain Listings

With the new marketplace come new promotional options, including SedoMLS Premium for eligible domains. We’ve introduced an easy and intuitive way for all sellers to check each domain’s promotional level at a glance and make changes to optimize exposure. You can find this new feature in Domain Management. Once all four bars are filled on the green gauge, a domain has reached maximum promotion and has the greatest chances of selling.

Fixed Prices are now Buy Now Prices for a Clearer Marketplace

We’re making things more consistent for buyers and sellers throughout our marketplace. From now on, fixed prices will be known as Buy Now prices, and those domains will be available to others as Buy Now listings. These listings receive exclusive promotion in our marketplace and are preferred in Sedo’s marketing, such as the monthly newsletter and cross-promotions with partners. Further, buyers can shop for domains with confidence and without the guesswork.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Thank you for the recap. I have thought the home page needed changing and not be so boring. Show more domains, more promotion,more sales and auction results.

  2. Nice changes from what I can tell. The former horizontal nav menus at Sedo always reminded me of playing the game Operation, as you had to fit your mouse pointer through a small space in order to choose the menu item you wanted, and if you went outside of the space, you had to start over. I hope that more in the industry follow suit with making navigation more intuitive (GoDaddy especially).

    One interesting sentence from this write-up is “All domain listings are automatically promoted across Sedo’s Domain Marketplace, including the SedoMLS Promotion Network.” I could be misreading it, but that sounds like domains that don’t qualify for SedoMLS will also be promoted on SedoMLS-affiliated registrars in some way. I checked a few of my non-MLS names, though, and it seems that is not the case…

  3. I have tried to list my domains under the Sedo mls my register is tucows and they still have not accepted them but they do show tucows on the drop down list of affiliate registrars anybody now whats up with that as i do not want to transfer 200 domains and it has been six months of waiting.

  4. Hi Eliot,

    the link to our SedoMLS Premium info page appears to still to go the old website. The currently active link is this one:

    Patrick: best think you can do is to send the email we provide you through the activation process to Tucows. This way you can let them know that you would like them to implement the full SedoMLS Premium functionality as soon as possible (they currently don’t have all functionality active). We are talking to them, hearing from their clients will help speed up the process. We will let you know as soon as they have completed everything.


  5. Any news yet on Tucows participating yet? It costs money and time to just swap a registrar for the MLS service. Please advise .

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