Google’s .How: Huh?


Google recently unveiled a website for its .How domain names, which can be found at Get.How.  I think the website looks pretty sleek, and visitors  can easily search availability for  .How domain names.  According to Sedo, .How went into General Availability on January 28th, and .How domain names are now available for the general public to  purchase. shows just 344 registered .How domain names so far, as of February 2.

On the top menu of the Get.How website, there are a few links, including on that would seem to aim to answer the question, “What is .How?” In my opinion, I think the answer that is provided misses the mark.

Instead of explaining to visitors what .How actually is, there are a couple of paragraphs of fluff. Frankly, I think people need to be taught that “.How” is a domain name extension that can be used in similar fashion to .com, .org, or even .gov. Google seems to skip over that fact and assume that people are already aware of this fact. My guess is many people won’t know what .How is, even though they have obviously navigated to Get.How in order to see that page.

I think many people in the domain space are going to be watching how Google promotes the new domain extensions, especially those that the company operates. Google has a huge reach, and they are going to be able to educate many more people than other registries and domain registrars.

In my opinion, Google is going to need to do a better job of explaining what .How actually is in order to sell .How domain names.


  1. So So excited when I came across LOVE.HOW it said available. “select one of our partners” I did until, ha I saw the price. Actually not bad but expensive for some of us.

  2. I found out I could register for $223.75 first year and $223.75 renewals on can be bought for only $10.99 this and every year.

    Unless Google builds a how directory, I see little value in the high price.

  3. I haven’t read a single thing about it except here, so without knowing what they say, I will only say that “how to” videos, such as on YouTube which is owned by Google, can be very useful, and I’ve used some before. Ergo, it would seem to me that:


    Would be a somewhat appealing idea. This kind of idea would also be covered by, or overlap with:


    But I would still take the .com over both any day, and Dimester says it all.

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