Good Domain Names on the Market Right Now


Over the past couple of weeks, I have received several emails from domain brokers offering some excellent domain names for sale. In addition, I have seen some press releases announcing valuable domain names for sale. It’s good to see domain marketing in action.

Since I don’t do the weekly brokerage listings any longer, I thought  I would highlight  a few of these domain names that I noticed that are being offered for sale or up for auction.

Texas.comeNaming (Tracy Fogarty) – I would say Texas is probably one of the 5 most well known “brand” locations in the United States. The population of Texas is quite large, and there are several tourist destinations in the state.

Bride.comName Experts (Joe Uddeme) – Wedding planning is a huge business, and the bride is typically the driving force behind the wedding. When it comes to the bride, there is the dress, flowers, bridal party dresses, gifts….etc. I think could be used as a wedding type of website or even as an independent brand. – Sedo (Dave Evanson) – I previously wrote about the sale listing of It seems like it would make a great domain name for someone in the industry.

Crude.comBrannan’s (Dave Clements) – The “crude” term has two meanings – crude as in crude oil or doing something in an offensive manner. I think the former is probably where the money is when it comes to the domain name, but I could see some sort of crude humor website on the domain name.,,,, HNW.comGreat Domains Auction (Sedo) – There are quite a few good names up for sale in this month’s Great Domains auction. It looks like several have a ways to go to hit their reserve prices though. The auction ends shortly, so if you’re interested in any of these names or others, you should check to see if the auction is still running.

Contact the listing domain broker directly if you wish to discuss purchasing any of these domain names.


  1. Great names across the board. Wanted to make one correction. Seller of should be Brannan’s and link to vs. Brannon’s and Sure it was just a typo when you were posting, but so people get sent to the correct site, just thought I’d make that note.

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