GoDaddy Helping Its Greek Customers


For the last several years, GoDaddy has been working hard to make inroads with international customers. In light of the economic troubles happening in Greece, GoDaddy is helping its Greek customers keep their products and services active, even if the financial system is not operating as usual.

I came across an article on, which discussed the predicament that many Greek startups are finding themselves in with their banking system pretty much shut down. The article stated that “one US internet company is granting auto-renewal subscriptions in Greece.” The company that is doing this is GoDaddy, and the article quoted Stefano Maruzzi, the company’s Vice President of the EMEA region.

I wanted to learn more about the company’s assistance to Greek customers. I reached out to Nick Fuller from GoDaddy’s public relations team, and here’s what I was told about the company’s efforts to help its customers ensure their products and services don’t unintentionally expire while the banking system is shuttered:

“In response to the current banking situation in Greece, GoDaddy launched an automatic renewal program for all its Greek customers. The program covers the entire GoDaddy product suite including domains, web hosting, ecommerce platforms and will automatically renew Greek businesses whose subscriptions are up for renewal this month and who have ‘auto-renew’ checked on their account. The products and services that automatically renew have their costs covered by GoDaddy.”

Maruzzi shared more insight into why the company is supporting its Greek customers to this extent, arguably going above and beyond what is necessary

A website and digital presence is not just a prerequisite for doing business. For an SMB, it’s also a criteria for survival. We simply can’t accept that our customers in Greece will cease to exist as a consequence of the banking system shutdown. Helping our customers in any way, particularly in these tough circumstances is a moral obligation. Every subscription with auto-renewal will be extended to ensure their online presence will continue, supporting their businesses and families.”

Not only is this very generous of the company to help its customers and reduce some level of stress, but I also think it will help build loyalty for the company in the long run.

Although the debt crisis seems to be coming to an end, it was nice to see GoDaddy step up and support its customers in this manner.


  1. Long time no follow domaining and dont know how Zournas face to Greek storm …as I know Zournas and Lus the Gun of DG are 02 Big Greek Domainers ???

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