Flippa Nearing $100 Million in Sales

I’ve never attempted to buy or sell a domain name at Flippa before, but it seems that the company continues to churn out sales. I visited the site this morning, and there is a banner at the bottom of the home page announcing $98,928,932 in overall sales.

I don’t know if they only tally paid sales or total sales regardless of payment status, but achieving nearly $100 million in sales in just a few years is quite astounding. Just yesterday, the HealthSupplements.com domain name appears to have sold for $395,000. A SEO company appears to have sold for over $1 million a couple of days ago.

I have a few underperforming domain names / websites that seem to be ripe to be sold, and Flippa might be a good venue to sell the,. For instance, I think the concept on BabyRegistries.com is solid, but I haven’t spent any time marketing or updating the site, so the revenue is small. Perhaps that would be a good candidate for sale on Flippa.

I’d be interested in knowing your experiences with Flippa if you care to share. How easy is it to get started, and how smooth is the sale and transfer process?

Congratulations to Flippa on its success. Judging by some recent sales, including the aforementioned sale of the HealthSupplements.com domain name, I believe  the domain investment party is still alive and well.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. If your thinking of selling babyregistries.com as a website i would put some effort into building up the revenue first, from what i have seen on flippa it would fetch more if listed as just a domain name, good domains with a poor website are not a good combination for flippa


    • Thats ok, same here i am trying to be a bit more patient with my websites, as i have lost a few good domains through listing to early, but saying that its only $9 dollars to list, and i suppose if you were to set your max reserve its not a lot to risk


  2. On flippa owner of domain said in comment:

    DiscountNutritionalSupplements.com is getting approx 800 direct type in visits daily..


    HealthSupplements.com alone is bringing approx 400-500 unique direct type ins daily.

    I call bullshit. Only someone who never had any domains like these would believe in that crap.

    • Algis,

      I agree. Health Supplements only gets 1,600 exact match searches on Google. The math does not add up.

      As far as the $1,150,000 sale, this is on the bottom of that listing now:



  3. I don’t know a single person who ever bought or sold one domain on flippa.

    Anyone reading this article ever buy or sell a domain on flippa?

    Also, I assuming that million dollar number is for all sales of all time… something like 15 years worth of sales?


    • I sold a .me domain on flippa , there are always domains being sold on the featured section in the $xx,xxx , but i often see them listed again as you get a lot of time wasters on flippa


  4. I have no experience with buying or selling on Flippa but I love to constantly use it for research about what’s going on, what niches are selling, which are not and the activity involved in them.

    I am really excited about the opportunity to sell a few properties I have not had the passion or time for but am waiting a little bit longer to build them up.

    From what I understand, monthly revenue has a lot to do with prices realized on there. I think another one is age. I see a lot of newly registered domains and sites (a few months) and they often get little to no attention.

  5. We have just recently sold Sadness.org on Flippa for $2,600. I think it is worth more, but we got a good ROI on it. But you need to know how to play on flippa to be seen.. Don’t expect to just slap the auction onto the site and think it will sell for $xx,xxx unless you are making solid revenue.. You still need to market the site, to get it in front of enough buyers to get a bidding war going.

  6. Its a number 3 in line after namepros and dnforum for me. I’m running a sale there now which ends today ( http://goo.gl/MpeFC )and will see what happens. I do think the place is worth your time Elliot, from what I know and what I’ve seen,, some pretty solid sales happen there. I’ve purchased some good buys but haven’t sold so will be watching this listing to see what happens.

  7. I have sold a couple of sites on flippa before for 5 figures, each. Revenue plays the biggest role in selling a site there.

    There are more legitimate buyers than sellers in my opinion. A lot of the listings look bogus with over-inflated numbers.

    Gotta be careful nowadays – these sellers appear to be buying fake traffic to boost their numbers up for a couple of months then sell using their manipulated traffic data.

  8. I have sold one site on Flippa for 13k. I did it through escrow, the key was being able to prove the site made money. My site had proof for traffic with Google analytics and proof of earnings via adsense. I also had skype meetings with serious buyers to make sure they were trust worthy and they wanted to verify I was trust worthy.

    The main thing I do not like about flippa is its a place for others to steal your ideas. If you have a site that makes money a lot of people will try to copy your site. I remember after I sold this site at least 10 new copy cat sites were created. Luckily the site sold otherwise I had a lot of competition on my hands.

    Overall flippa is good if you have a site that is built out and making money, otherwise most people are not interested or really low ball you.

    • @ John,

      I agree on your point about people trying to steal your ideas. After I sold one of my sites there, I saw copies of my site pop up, going as far as blatantly copying the design and even content. There are some parasites out there.

  9. I see potential in Flippa. There are end-users willing to invest in a valuable website.

    I own a jobs dot org website with the same exact match searches as JobHunt.org. The difference is that I have 105 quality articles on this job website. Once I reach 150-200 articles, I will list on Flippa.

    The website has produced thousands of visits. It is getting excellent direct navigation, type-in traffic, ranks higher than the dot com, and is on the verge of beaming a valuable asset to any job company or job developer. I already have a price in mind, which I believe I will get once the time is right.

    Job, resume, and education domains compliment one another. Thanks.

  10. Elliot be weary of that HealthSupplements.com sale or any other sale on Flippa with one bidder and the seller’s life earning’s not reflecting the balance of such “phantom” sales (rented.biz for example listing in their domain sales archive). This is only a rule of thumb mind you as some of those one bid sales maybe genuine, but not many.

    That being said and utilizing Flippa’s special search feature (link to search: http://bit.ly/YCOQwL) to filter out recently sold high value domains you will notice the recent sale of StockPhoto.com (sales page: http://bit.ly/WU53lV) for $250,000 with 12 bids and the sales amount reflected in the seller’s life earnings on Filppa.

    You can also see a genuine rise in bidding for the domain (here: http://bit.ly/XdKekT) and not some crazy skyhigh bid where the last bid may hypothetically be $500 with the following bid placed at $140K. I’m cautious on such possible ‘shill-bids’ but thanks to Flippa’s comment to security and fairness you find that these seller’s tend to be suspended or banned pretty quickly.

    When you use the search indicators as I’ve mentioned it’s only then your able to cherry pick the genuine high end sales to gauge the buying climate on Flippa for similar domains you may own.

    Overall the market has heated up there recently for premium domains (and websites too) with names and sites being passed on decent bid’s many in the plus 100K for example Mushroom.com was passed on $125K as the seller was firm on 150K.

  11. I have purchased an “under-performing website” from Flippa. Along the way I have spent a lot of time looking.

    I have to agree – the Flippa market is not strong when it comes to good domains with low revenue websites.

    The website I purchased was in this category – good domain (that I wanted) and bad website. It got very light bidding – and I got a deal. The one thing is hard to tell – maybe the price it yielded is one the seller was happy to get…

    I bought it only for the domain, threw away the website.

    From a buyer prospective, My ROI % and $ was good – for the time invested in researching and doing that one transaction.

    However, if you count all the time I spent on Flippa looking to find the one deal — my ROI was much, much lower.

    That is my experience with buying a good domain with a low revenue website.

    On the other hand, with well written copy and very organized approach to explaining the value/potential of the site, I have seen idea websites sell even with low revenue. But this generally with copy cat type sites that are turned out just to be sold (and the domains are ‘pseudo premium’).

  12. Regarding Plasmodium.com

    I just got this unsolicited email

    I have a premium domain for sale
    Plasmodium.com PLASMODIUM.COM 45000 monthly exact searches ,PR3 14 aged, I will give you plasmodium.co,plasmodium.me,plasmodium.info free with this sale.
    I am in urgently need of money that’s why selling it at cheap price
    5900$ , I bought this domain from Top domainer Late Igal lichtman in december for 5500$
    If you would like to consider acquiring this domain name, please reply to this message.

    Something stinks about plasmodium.com and/or flippa.

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