How I Fixed Messages on My iPhone 5S


When Apple sends out an update for my iPhone, I typically wait a few days to install it in case there are bugs that are noticed after the update is released. When I noticed the red icon indicating a software update, I decided to install iOS 8 for my iPhone 5S right away.

I don’t typically send many text messages, so it wasn’t until several hours after I installed iOS 8 that I noticed there was something wrong with Messages for my iPhone. I tried to send a photo text message, and it didn’t get delivered. I followed it up with other text messages, and they all seemed to time out. I turned off wifi hoping that could have been an issue and it didn’t resolve itself. I restarted my iPhone a few times, but turning it off didn’t resolve the issue.

I searched Google and Twitter, and I noticed other people were having problems with their iPhone Messages app. I made an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar figuring a fix would be had in a few days, and I could manage without texting for a few days.

This morning, I figured out a fix for my iPhone Messages app. Here’s what I did to get Messages working again:

On my iPhone home screen, I clicked Settings. I then clicked the Messages area, and I turned Messages off. I then turned Messages on again, and the issue appeared to resolve itself.

I have no idea what caused the issue, and I have no idea if it’s isolated to my iPhone or if other people are experiencing the same bug / problem. Whatever the case, my iPhone 5S Messages app is now working again.

I’ll give credit where credit is due. My wife suggested I restart Messages, and it turns out that she was right!


  1. Unfortunately, my phone freezes entirely when I hit the Messages line on the settings. Meanwhile, I have an exclamation point (!) positioned on the Messages icon. Ugh!

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