First Decline Reported on (Updated)


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I was looking at this morning, and I noticed what appears to be the first decline in the number of new gTLD domain name registrations. I looked through the chart since the website began tracking the number of domain registrations, and it appears that March 25 – 26, 2015 showed the first decline in registrations. (See update below)

On March 25, nTLDStats reported a total of 4,797,244 new gTLD domain names registered. On March 26, there were 4,795,908 new gTLD domain names registered. This shows a loss of 1,336 domain names. Prior to this, the number of new domain names registered had been growing fairly steadily. This is obviously not a substantial decline, but it is a bit of a surprise to me to see at this point.

I certainly don’t think there has been a peak in new domain names registered. I believe there are currently unavailable extensions that are coming that are going to be home runs for their respective registries. In the nearterm I think this is likely a short lived blip. It caught me a bit off guard to see though.

I am unsure of why there is a difference, but is not showing the same drop as nTLDStats. NameStat is showing a total of 4,692,600 registrations. nTLDStats covers 573 TLDs and NameStat covers 578 TLDs, although it doesn’t make sense to me that the totals are lower on NameStat when it tracks 5 more TLDs than nTLDStats. Perhaps someone with expertise in this space can opine on this and the differences.

March 28 Update: I checked this morning, and it now shows the March 26th registration number at 4,822,667, which would not have been a decline. I am unsure why the number is different today than it was yesterday.


  1. You might be a little too soon on that. I posted about that before, a decline, then the next day the numbers updated showing otherwise.

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