Favorite Search on NameBio


I use NameBio on a regular basis for blog research as well as general domain investment research. The domain name sales data dating back many years has considerable value to me because it is helpful when writing blog posts and when buying or selling domain names. When NameBio announced its membership program, I immediately took advantage of the saved search functionality.

Because I try to closely follow the one word .com domain name market, I think it is important to see what one word .com domain names are selling and for how much. I set up a saved search for dictionary .com domain names, and the list of one word .com domain name sales that were added to NameBio is sent to me each Sunday morning via email.

In addition to sending a list of recent sales, NameBio also includes domain names that were recently added to its database. For instance, a few weeks ago, I found a SEC filing that indicated the Aladdin.com domain name was acquired for $500,000, and this sale was added to the NameBio database and emailed to me the following Sunday. George Kirikos has been leading an effort to uncover historical domain name sales from SEC reports, and as new sales are discovered, I am updated via NameBio.

Setting up saved searches is pretty easy. Simply use the drop down menus and open fields to choose your search options. Click the search button, and once the results are listed, you will click the blue save icon. You can then select the email frequency – daily, weekly, or monthly.

There are several domain investment verticals that are followed closely but may be underreported, and I think this tool can be helpful to people looking to stay abreast of sales. NameBio has a huge amount of historical domain name sales data, and the saved search functionality is helpful.


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