Fairwinds Partners Hiring a Senior Consultant


Fairwinds Partners, a Washington DC-based Internet strategy and domain name consulting firm, is looking to hire a Senior Consultant. The job opening is based out of the company’s Georgetown (DC) office. This job may be a good fit for someone who has domain industry expertise, perhaps an experienced domain broker or domain name consultant looking to change jobs.

Here’s an excerpt from the description of what the job will entail:

“FairWinds seeks an experienced and self-motivated professional with strong client management proficiency to join our consulting team as a Senior Associate. Reporting to the Director of Consulting services, the role will serve primarily as a client lead for a portfolio of ongoing, retainer and project-based engagements. The role will involve managing client relationships end-to-end, including any additional staff (1-3 employees) also supporting the client. Routine client responsibilities include managing the client relationship, including client-driven deadlines, running regularly scheduled ad-hoc calls and meetings, effectively, delegating tasks and responsibilities to staff as necessary, handling contract negotiations, and serving as quality control for all final deliverables.”

It does not look like Fairwinds is actively seeking to hire someone from within the domain industry, but I believe domain industry experience would be helpful. In fact, one of the requirements listed in the job description is mentions the domain industry: “Familiarity with the internet Domain Name industry is a plus, particularly interest in internet policy and governance.

Fairwinds represents some of the largest companies in the world. In fact, I have inquired about buying several domain names that turned out to be Fairwinds clients.

The job was posted on LinkedIn about a week ago, and there appears to be 72 applicants so far.


  1. Reading the job description made me tired. 🙂

    Unless, you live in an apartment or condo within the immediate DC area, getting into the Georgetown section of DC is a pain in the butt. Just ask Nat Cohen or Stevan Lieberman.

    I am not interested in the job but I wonder how much does it pay?
    DC is at full employment. And, a lot of job hopping.
    1 yr here, 1 yr somewhere else.
    If they are not paying low six figures as a starting point, they are not going to get the type of executive they want.

    You have two major business schools (and law schools) within walking distance of their office.
    (George Washington University & Georgetown University)

    The job requires face time with their major clients but it says less than 10% travel. ???
    I guess they mean Skype or Applie FaceTime.

    Wasn’t Four Winds in the registrar and registry business?

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