EZ.com Sold via Sedo


EZ.com has been sold, and the domain name was brokered by Sedo for an undisclosed price. The deal has been confirmed this morning, although details about the sale are going to remain private. As such, we will not see the domain name reported in the weekly DNJournal sales report.

When I noticed a change on the sale listing page within Sedo’s website yesterday, I reached out to Dave Evanson, who had been brokering the EZ.com domain  name. At that time, Dave would only confirm that there was a “sale pending” for EZ.com. I asked if he could share any details about the price, and he said he could  not comment.

As of this morning, the Whois registrant information has changed, and the domain name is now registered to Domain Capital, a domain name financing company. I reached out to Vince Harasymiak,

Director of Operations at Domain Capital, and he confirmed the sale of EZ.com. According to Vince, “I can confirm that the name was sold and Domain Capital was involved in the purchase, but I cannot comment on the sale price.” I would assume the domain name is registered to Domain Capital on behalf of a client.

EZ.com had been brokered by Dave Evanson with a 7 figure price tag. It was later listed for sale in last month’s Great Domains auction, where it did not meet the reserve price. I presume Dave reached out to prospective buyers and was able to close a deal that worked for both parties.


  1. This is x,xxx,xxx for sure. I said this a few weeks ago, Basically this is buying an option on a domain name in hopes to sell it for 2 million in a year.

    Let’s say You pay 150k for the option for the first year big deal you just bought an option to sell it at a later point for hardly anything. My guess probably only 10% down then financed over 6 years at 12%.

    This guy is going to bank in one year. This is a classic domain option no different than buying a call option on the stock market, except you hold a real asset.


  2. Doubtful it hit the million. Realistically if they Chinese aren’t dying for it the value is off by 50%. I’d think ez sold for around 7-800k.

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