Explaining the ClowPenis.Fart Forward


I received a bunch of emails over the weekend asking me about my last post forwarding to a non-working domain name – ClownPenis.Fart. If you aren’t familiar, ClownPenis.Fart was the humorous domain name in an old Saturday Night Live skit. No – my blog was not hacked. I posted an update on Twitter but should have posted one here, too, since many people aren’t active on Twitter:

I didn’t want to simply delete the article because I would have had as many questions about why I deleted it as I had asking about the forwarding. I also don’t know Chad personally nor have I interacted with him, so I can only assume he was having a laugh at the expense of domain investors.

In any case, it would appear that Chad is not starting a “domain first strategy” startup fund, so the point of the article was moot and the forward made me giggle. Anyway, back to it. Maybe a reader will take the domain first startup idea and run with it. I think it’s a good one – although experience and capital are definitely necessary.


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