Redesigned Website Launched


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about’s beta website that was being tested. It looks like has now completely launched its redesigned website. I spent some time poking around on the beta site, and I think it looks very good.

When you log in to your account, it appears that the back-end of the website is the older version. I have not noticed any design changes within my control panel or when setting up a transaction. It appears that the buttons are the same as they have been for a while. I would imagine the company is taking it one step at a time and wants to make sure the front end is operating well before overhauling the entire website.

One thing you will notice is that is seeking feedback on the redesigned website. On the top of the website, there’s a panel that appears that says “ has a new design! Click here to rate our new look.” When you click the link, you are shown 5 stars and you can give the redesign a star rating (5 being the best and 1 being the worst).

I think it might be helpful if also added a box for comments in case people run into trouble with the website or see a major issue. I have always found support to be exceptional, so I am sure people can contact the company via its support channels if they see something that needs to be addressed.

Hopefully the company will relaunch the redesigned control panel at some point soon. I wouldn’t want any new customers to see the updated website and get confused once they create an account and log-in.

What are your thoughts on the redesigned website?


    • I told them about this issue yesterday and they said they were looks into it. There is a way around it though if you are familiar with chrome devtools. Had to use it to start a DNH transaction yesterday.

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