Email to My Domain Partners


I am in the process of reaching out to the companies with whom I do the most business. I am thinking about only doing business with companies who are members of the Internet Commerce Association. Is this a drastic measure? Perhaps, but if we don’t stand up for our rights, do you think anyone else will?
This is the email I am sending to my partners:
“Is xxxxxx a member of the Internet Commerce Association? The recent Anti Phishing Act proposal has some scary language for domain investors, and I think the ICA is our best chance at making sure it isn’t passed as is. I am toying with only doing business with members of the ICA. Please let me know if xxxxxxxx is a member of the ICA, and if not, when they might become a member.


  1. The word ‘scary’ really conveys nothing of substance to
    anyone unfamiliar with the issue. Better that you say it
    has deep ramifications for all asset holders, domain and
    otherwise, because a small extension of the logic suggests
    that ANY asset with the same name as a business/trademark etc.
    could feasibly be appropriated/confiscated by using this bill.
    Now THAT’S scary.

  2. I support this idea and am thinking of doing the same. However, I hope in time that the ICA is able to monitor its members as well, making sure they adhere to their code of ethics. As of now, joining is just a fee to do business with you (or me), as there are no checks in place to maintain an ethical membership.

    I think something like that takes time. Right now the focus should be on coming up with a plan to re-write this proposed bill. Once this happens, then it will be time to focus on internal organization.

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