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And if you can, please support the ICA.
The beauty of living in the United States is that we can support an organization that will help make sure our collective voice is heard. The ICA will continue to lobby on our behalf to help change the bill to protect our domain assets. If this bill is passed as is, our domain names could be vulnerable like never before. I don’t understand the logic of not supporting them. I don’t see anyone else stepping up to the plate to lobby and get this bill changed.
I’ve said it before and I will reiterate it again. The Anti-Phishing Act is a consumer (voter) friendly bill that no elected official is going to vote against. We need it changed before it is passed because it contains language that will be detrimental to this business. You might not get sued by someone, but you better believe that if a domain owner does get sued and loses his generic domain name, ALL domain names will lose significant value since they will become much more risky assets. Currently, generic domain names are fairly safe from trademark violations, and consequently they are valued greatly. However, if this bill is passed as is, they may no longer be safe, and their value will drop.
I don’t see anyone else stepping up to represent us other than the ICA. Whether you are big time or small time, if you own domain names, I think you need to support the ICA’s efforts to change this bill before it is passed.   I urge you to read the legislation and then please support the ICA.


  1. Great idea, keep up the pressure. That Digg may not get much traction – title is a bit too boring.
    Someone should redo it with a better headline, and a better “enemy”. All the diggers hate Ted Stevens and love making fun of him for his “series of tubes” comments among other things. A post like this would have much more appeal:
    Sen. Ted Stevens Wants to Steal Your Domain Names
    The Government Wants to Let Big Business Steal Your Domain Name

  2. “I don’t understand the logic of not supporting them.”
    As I commented several times, while ICA will not give some “real” advantage to his members this association will not land off.
    Today members and not members are getting the same, so most domainers think: Let’s the idiots pay for the us!
    I hate to look rude or sharp but this is what is happening.
    I mailed the ICA director explaining this fact and others more that explain the problem the ICA is having recruiting members, but I never received a response.

  3. @Francois
    What do you propose people get in return for becoming an ICA member?.. A decal? A bumper sticker? If people aren’t joining because they believe they aren’t receiving anything in return.. then they don’t understand what the ICA is all about.

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