Elliot’s Blog on Facebook; Twitter Next


I just created a page on Facebook for Elliot’s Blog, and I am going to begin using Twitter as well.   It’s about time I catch up!   Feel free to sign up or follow.

If you have any tips or advice on using Facebook or Twitter, please drop me a comment or a note.


  1. Twitter is fun and a lot of domainers are there – just look at any domainer’s followers to find them. Interesting way to see quick flips, sales, drops; just fast highlights, but fun.

  2. My advice. pay close attention on twitter. It’s a communication channel so don’t just use it to push content out. Watch what others are talking about you and add to the conversation. Be sure to check your @ messages and your DMs too.

    if you are just going to use twitter to push out your blog posts, create a secondary account for chatting and talking about other stuff as well..

    DNN has an acct and I have a personal account.

    Highly recommend tweetdeck too for keeping up on things.

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