Sale Nets $20,789


Francois Carrillo, owner of, just announced the sales total for the domain sale to benefit domain bloggers. In total, the sale grossed $20,789, with 9 domain names sold (10 domain names were actually sold but one person didn’t pay).

The sales consummated through this joint effort between domain bloggers and domain forums were:

  • … $7,000
  • … $3,900
  • … $3,000
  • … $3,000
  • … $899
  • … $1,600
  • … $750
  • … $390
  • … $250

24 domain blogs participated in promoting the sale, and with 4 blogs opting to not  participate  in the payout, the 20 remaining bloggers will receive $102 each, which is the 10% sales commission from Forums that participated include  DNForum, DomainState, and AcornDomains.

I think it was a neat idea, and I am sure the recipients will appreciate the shared sales commission for their efforts.



  1. I like this for two reasons:

    1. Francois gets to show his appreciation to the Bloggers for a change. It’s a beginning of the type of working together needed in this field, show a little respect, instead of constantly bullying these hard working people.

    2. It is very transparent. So, I congratulate and the participating Bloggers.

    I hope to see more of this sort of spirit blossom.

  2. @ Uzoma

    I agree…. it was a nice thing for him to do. I declined my share, and Chef Patrick said he would donate his share to Ronald McDonald House, which is greatly appreciated by them and by me.

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