Domain Name Vanity License Plate?


Early this morning, Evergreen posted a photo on Twitter of a vanity license plate that reads “DOMAINS.” You can see the tweet and license plate here:

I bet there are domain investors who also have similar vanity license plates related to domain names on their vehicles. I had looked at the possibility of buying a domain name related vanity plate, but I couldn’t find one that would work for me. DOTCOM, DOMAIN, and COM were all taken. In Massachusetts, we are limited to six characters. COMS is still available, but someone would probably think that is related to communications.

Do any readers have domain industry or domain name related vanity license plates? Share here or via Twitter!


  1. I don’t do twitter, but my Virginia Vanity Plate reads “Name Guy” it’s just seven letters and stirs a lot of questions like it was intended to. Just for the record, 1 in 5 tags are personalized, and Virginia has the cheapest program in the US.

  2. i put the name of the company i founded and that was acquired by AT&T as a vanity license plate on the back of the sportscar convertible i had purchased.then realIzed I was going thru male midlife crisis. but is completely different. that’s advert and branding.

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