Domain Name Association to Hold Info Session at ICANN 48

The DNAIf you are going to be at the ICANN 48 meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina later this month, you might consider attending the information session for the recently established Domain Name Association (DNA). The event will be held on November 20, 2013 from 3 – 5pm at the Alvear ART Hotel located at Suipacha 1036 in Buenos Aires. A cocktail reception will follow beginning at 5pm. Organizers would like attendees to register prior to the event.

Here’s more information about The DNA and the companies who are involved in the organization, including some heavy hitters like Google, Demand Media, and GoDaddy:

With hundreds of existing domains and thousands more hitting the market, DNA is the only organization that will represent the interests of the entire industry. The DNA will allow its member companies to have a voice, be a decision-maker, and become an influencer in the greatly changing domain name industry. The DNA offers a wide range of membership levels, based on how strongly your company seeks to support the mission of the DNA. The growing roster of members includes ARI Registry Services, Demand Media, Donuts, Inc., FairWinds Partners LLC, GoDaddy, Google, What Box?, and more.”

You can learn more about the organization at its website, As requested, please register in advance to attend the information session and cocktail party.

If I was attending ICANN 48, this is an event I would try to make.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. It seems like ‘at last’ … a powerful Association/organization has formed.
    Cheers to that!


    I really don’t know anything about design but the logo seems a bit ugly and the arrow or “A’ facing backwards, maybe is just me…perhaps the experts can give their opinion.

  2. This association of peers is being created to protect the “top of the food chain”. Eventually, the small and large domainers will be thrown to the wolves. (Or, thrown under the bus if you like that metaphor.)

  3. ““With hundreds of existing domains and thousands more hitting the market, DNA is the only organization that will represent the interests of the entire industry.”

    Claiming to support the “entire industry” seems like a ridiculous claim to make.

    Their statement on their website is –

    “The Domain Name Association aims to play a key role in helping consumers, business, public-benefit organisations, and others understand the benefits and take advantage of the upcoming expansion of the Internet name space.”

    It seems more like an association that represents a select few – the largest gTLD proponents who have a financial self interest in promoting the new gTLD. Everything else seems secondary to that cause.


  4. @

    That value chain chart at the bottom sure makes the domain industry look like a pyramid scheme. It has consumers (registrants) sitting at the bottom of the food chain.

    In reality registrants are the most important part of the chain. Without registrants gTLD operators have no one to sell their domains to.


    • @Brad Mugford

      Besides, whether they want to admit it or not, there exists a VERY important group, known as DOMAINERS; some people do it as a full time job; they have trade and industry associations, and conferences, such as Namescon, TRAFFIC, DomainCon etc, and they sustain the chain; this group is distinct from consumer domain name registrants. They MUST be openly added to the food chain, and their needs met. Not only during drives when launching a gTLD, but afterwards also. That chart does not refer to professional domain investors at all. It makes reference to resellers “appointed” by Registrars. Unless a domainer is appointed by a Registrar, it’s talking about sub-registrars.

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