Domain Companies with BBB Ratings


I happened to come across a domain industry company’s Better Business Bureau rating and thought it might be interesting to see the ratings for various companies in the domain industry.

Since some companies have multiple lines of business and offerings, the ratings can be based on on-domain name components.  I believe that ratings can vary depending on the length of time the company has been in business and possibly whether it is a member of the BBB.  You can read all of the factors that go into a company rating on the BBB website.

This is a random assortment of domain industry companies:

I am sure I missed some domain name related companies, so feel free to post them below. Do you think the BBB is still looked at by consumers as much as before with ratings from companies like Yelp?

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  1. bbb in many cases verges on totally bogus. Problem is you don’t know when that is. This has been for quite some time but hit the media last year. Read this (all true from my experience btw):

    We are rated “B” and that’s based upon a single person filing a complaint that wasn’t even our customer.

    Before that we were “F” with no complaints!

    They call you under one premise but try to sell you on membership. If the salesperson (really) gets frustrated they marked the file and you get the F rating. That’s supposed to prompt you to listen to their pitch.

    That practice appears to have stopped after the above story (or similar media attention) appeared.

  2. I trust BBB ratings about as much as I trust bond ratings.

    Note that Snapnames is A+, after their customers were systematically ripped off for significant sums of money by internal interests.

  3. Interesting, and funny about ICANN, especially how you listed all those A’s & A+’s then ICANN last, C. Made me laugh.

    But BBB is a scam. I used to run a brick and mortar and those a-holes would solicit me all the time telling me that my BBB record was incomplete and this was affecting my rating, and the only way to complete my record was to give them $333 dollars.

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