Domain Apps From WhyPark Now Live

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Domain Apps from WhyPark that were coming soon. I just received word that the new apps are now live on site, and people with accounts at WhyPark can begin adding them to their existing websites or use them on new websites. Visit the WhyPark Domain Apps page for more information and to get started.

Domain owners can even integrate these onto content rich websites they have built on the WhyPark platform, which is similar to what I’ve done with and plan to do with others as soon as I have time. I look forward to testing out the directory application very soon, and I will update you with my results in a couple of months.

In the last few months of integrating my content-rich onto WhyPark, the revenue has gone up considerably.

Press Release from, Ltd. is below:


Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands — WhyPark, the scalable domain development division of, Ltd., announced today the launch of “Domain Apps By WhyPark”.   The new release to the WhyPark platform allows customers to add depth, relevant engaging content and functionality, through the use of one-click installs, to domain names hosted at WhyPark.

“The next evolution of WhyPark has arrived and I am excited to make Domain Apps By WhyPark available to our customers”, said Craig Rowe, founder of WhyPark.   “Customers have been demanding new engaging applications that will attract and retain visitors to their sites.   Domain Apps By WhyPark offers just that through relevant search engine friendly text as well as video, photos and data.   I am pleased with the launch of our new Domain Apps service and look forward to building upon it in the future.”

The following Domain Apps are now available to WhyPark customers:

Comparison Shopping
Hotel Directory
Local Business Listings
Online Flash Games
Twitter Stream
Web Directory
YouTube Videos

Several Domain Apps also provide new revenue streams including the Web Directory and Comparison Shopping Domain Apps. WhyPark is already developing new Domain Apps and will continue to enhance the service to meet customers’ needs.

“I am very excited about WhyPark’s new domain apps,” stated Elliot Silver, founder of Silver Internet Ventures, LLC. “Domain Apps will allow me to add unique features and functionality to some of my geo-domain and niche industry websites, which I know will increase stickiness and revenue.”

To learn more about Domain Apps by WhyPark, visit

About WhyPark –

WhyPark’s innovative scalable domain development platform allows customers to build relevant, engaging websites in minutes. Whether managing a few hundred or several thousand domains, WhyPark gives customers the freedom and flexibility to easily develop domain portfolios to generate traffic and increase revenue.

About, Ltd. –

Founded in 2006,, Ltd. offers domain parking solutions for domain name owners. leverages technology for dynamic domain name optimization providing leading edge parked pages that are relevant to what internet users are looking for and ensuring targeted traffic for advertisers. With clients worldwide who combined own 6,500,000 domain names, has aggressively become a leader in the domain parking space.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. This just reminded me of what DevHub has had for over a year or so.

    Isn’t this all really irrelevant since WhyPark has the big indexing problems?

    I don’t see how this changes anything really if that nagging problem is not fixed……meaning Google keying in on the WhyPark name servers and delisting all the sites.

  2. @ Tim

    What sites of yours have had “indexing problems?” I asked the last person who said something about this to share a name or two of his that were de-indexed, and he did not.

  3. Hey Elliot…..I’d love to answer that, but you know who I am and I still am staying semi-private. 🙂

    I can say that I did have some sites totally booted from WhyPark and I removed almost all the rest before it happened to them also. Maybe it was a lack of original content, not enough effort put into the sites, etc….. but it did happen.

    Regarding DevHub VRtv, I have used them quite a bit on about 30 domains and the payouts were so miniscule that it bothered me to continue with them regarding payout vs. effort. The sites with them did not seem to get totally deindexed, but they also ranked anywhere to where I could get any substantial traffic. They just trotted along never going anywhere.

    I can say that payouts at WhyPark for me were much higher than DevHub.

    Regarding Epik, I have not tried their product portals but did try their new free Wikis, however I seem to be having trouble even doing simple registering with Epik. So far I have two Epik Wikis in which I have no way to add Adsense on and the Adsense on those is from Epik in which I will not get anything from. He says he is working on a solution for users to add their own Adsense, but it still seems like a work in progress with the bugs and lack of monetization ability for users at this point. I think he should have finished it before releasing it it seems to me. However, the Wikis are very clean looking and some of the nicest auto-generated sites I have seen in the mass development space.

    Hope that helps some. 🙂

  4. We have a pretty active thread going on in our forum at that addresses the concerns about indexing and what customers are doing to improve their SEO results. If you’re a Parked or WhyPark customer, you can signup for the forum and jump on in. We’re always happy to answer any questions directly too. We’re on the forum every day and also have live chat available to customers. I’m always available too at

    We’re never going to have a free pass to the top of the search engines for everyone. There are simply too many factors involved in SEO to give a blanket response to what works and what doesn’t. We simply try to keep coming up with tools to make a scalable solution that’s easy to use and pays well. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of maximizing the revenue for everyone involved.


  5. to : WhyPark
    cc : DevHub , Epik , etc

    i have played a little bit around the WhyPark’s
    hotels-app & comparisions-app ,
    but ,
    me seems ,
    they seem not providing comparisions o’
    – air-lines
    – cruises
    – car-rentals
    – etc
    each of which is a ‘MUST for

    thanks 4 attention ,

    cheers , 2w

  6. hi again to Sir WhyPark
    >> Premium Content
    >> WhyPark offers premium content
    >> for professional and managed accounts.
    >> The Professional and Managed packages
    >> offer an elite level
    >> of full-text content for the discerning domain owner.
    >> Peruse WhyPark’s packages.

    could u explain –
    exActly what is “` elite level of full-text content “”

    sorry , please let me speak it directly for highest efficiency ,
    elite level of full-text content = full-text scraped content ??

    sorry again for my frankly , please accept my sincere apology ,


  7. VRtv –

    No, we never use scraped content. The premium content includes some direct partnerships we have. For instance, auto content by AutoByTel / MyRide, full-text news releases from newswires and blog content from bloggers who directly submit their feeds and content to us through In many cases, we’re paying monthly fees for republishing rights and the content is pushed to our servers as XML feeds.


  8. Craig and Elliot,

    I am another user having de-indexing problems even with sites with some original content and no funny link building or any other reason that may result in a ban. My problem is totally related to something about whypark. Now that, I logged back into my WP account to take a look at the apps, I see more sites de-indexed.

    Elliott –
    De-indexing is happening at some level and I am sure Craig can confirm it.

    I am not even sure how many of my sites got de-indexed but almost all those I see right away are the ones that used to rank high for their keywords and I know that they were receiving organic traffic.

    I switched to standard plan from enhanced a couple of months ago and let the sites be. And now, I see more sites de-indexed.

    The problem with de-indexing is not only losing income which was pennies in my case but is more about the problems it is likely to bring up in case of a sale.

    In my case, I know that I am better off parking domains with a company that may not generate additional income by increasing organic traffic but also does not result in G taking action to de-index the domains. That is more of a hassle to get the domains back in the index.

    I really liked the apps, however. This is a big day for Whypark and do not want to ruin it by posting in your blog. If you choose not to publish this comment, I will move the conversation to their forum where it may be more appropriate or simply let go.

  9. Hey! My site is indexed by Google!

    Type into Google.

    Now, it’s just a matter of watching the ranking improve . . .

  10. Elliott,

    I’m curious as to how you have the .php extension webpages on that domain, and also, is that whypark standard template? Looks spiffy!

    • @ Don

      It’s not standard at all. I had built a site and had Adsense, but worked with Craig to do something unique using a hybrid WhyPark set up.

  11. to My Fair Lady Louise ,

    if – your site get de-indexed ,
    please , notify here in your earliest convenience

    & thanks to Sir Tim for advice


  12. I had over 500 sites on WhyPark -every single one got deindexed by google and NEVER reindexed again despite trying very hard. A few examples – (lots of original content),, etc. Now these sites are using the whypark ads but only generate betwen .01 and .10 cents per month! A few were making hundreds of $ per month before just being parked.

  13. About 400 visitors a day – between $100 to $200 a month revenue. Not great but better than the .10 or so it generated in the last month on WhyPark.

  14. @Jeff

    If you have that much content on the domain that creates organic traffic regardless of the name, why park the domain?

  15. It was money from Adsense. I took all Adsense off my WhyPark sites when they started getting deindexed by google thinking the Adsense acccount might be at risk too at WhyPark. Parking at WhyPark was a huge mistake but at the time I thought it was the easiest bet. Now I do all my sites on WordPress and these sites are very nicely indexed at Google. Sites that were once on WhyPark that I converted to WordPress sites I have never been able to get reindexed on google. I only have a handful of WhyPark sites now – all old ones. Have not added a site there for well over a year. The site is now essentially worthless without google indexing but I really liked the domain name so did renew it. Most of my old Whypark domains I didn’t even bother renewing.

  16. I too don’t want to be a downer on Whypark’s new apps. They look fabulous and the PPC ads for in particular might be a big revenue boost for portfolio owners. Maybe these new apps will help new WhyPark sites stay indexed.

  17. “Maybe these new apps will help new WhyPark sites stay indexed.”

    Google is good at spotting templates so don’t bet on it. If they rank it’s temporary, until Google’s next algo change. Parking companies with their millions of single page domains must be written down on some Google whiteboard

  18. Sir Whypark hi again good morning

    since – there’r just too many reports that google is blacklisting servers o’ Whypark ,
    so ,
    please let me take the liberty to suggest –
    erect an other server , w/ an other name ,
    which provide nO second_hand’s content ,
    then , google may whitelist u


  19. hi Sir Whypark

    >> erect an other server , w/ an other name ,
    >> which provide nO second_hand’s content ,
    >> then , google may whitelist u

    please let me elaborate my proposal

    my idea , is to give your user w/ an other
    option ,
    option to choose b/t
    – able to use second_hands content , for fastest mass-dev , & ,
    – un_able to use second_hands content , for best SEO


  20. Regarding Epik’s wiki –

    seo report

    5th July 2010 , in order to test Epik’s wiki
    v pointed our to

    now ,
    13th July 2010 , i.e.: just a week later , is ranked in google
    – @ #4 & #46 , for search_term o’ :: MississippiMissouri <<About 1,080,000 results
    – @ #44 , for search_term o' :: Mississippi Missouri <<<< About 67,300,000 results

    overall , 'the results r not too bad '—)


  21. I was trying to signup for account, but was unable. The support did not provide any information why my account submission was rejected. I own about 1800 domains and many were sold for more than $1000 USD. Anybody knows what is going on with this service? This is the email I got from support:


    The account review department looks at many different factors during the reviewal process. Unfortunately, they did not deem your account to be a good fit for us at this time.




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