Doing Well With Voodoo

I heard about Voodoo through the grapevine, and I decided to give it a try a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t heard, Voodoo is a new parking company that utilizes a Google feed. I don’t do much parking and it’s pretty early in this trial, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Revenue on my domain names seems to be significantly higher than when I was parking at a company that used a Yahoo feed. I earn under $100/month with PPC, so I am not even going to bother sharing the revenue % growth because it’s not statistically significant, but I am earning more money with my domain names.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there seem to be far more actual clicks with Voodoo than previously. There aren’t nearly as many searches, and that seems to mean more revenue. One name of mine has had 32 visits and 55 clicks in the last 4 days. I don’t remember seeing a CTR that high with my names before.

I know a lot of people have moved names over to Frank Schilling’s Internet Traffic parking company. According to Daily Changes, Internet Traffic now has just over a million domain names on its DNS (1,026,898 total). Voodoo has 158,949 domain names on its DNS.

Voodoo seems to be a new parking provider you may want to check out.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I have moved over some of my Domains also to Voodoo & I have Double the income on some of them. My Domain is making more than some of my Dev Sites. Lot less Search results, but more clicks & $. It’s only been 1 Month since I moved over so we will see.


  2. James,

    Really? What in the world does voodoo have to do with transparency. If the name was or maybe, but unless you are a New Orleans witch doctor I don’t voodoo is that bad of a name.

  3. Nothing special about Voodoo, just another parking station, although Donny wants you to believe otherwise 🙂 hope he proves me wrong one day and will be back here to admit it 🙂

  4. Domain Shane,

    What does ‘Voodoo’ mean to you? To me it says witchcraft / hocus-pocus / skullduggery…it doesn’t say trust. It’s a shocking name choice given the fact that parking companies are a law unto themselves.
    Now, given your example – is an excellent choice for a witch-doctor, not a bad one.

  5. James,

    I know what voodoo is. I am merely saying that it doesn’t move me emotionally towards any meaning. Kevin Rose doesn’t sell milk yet that is the name of his company. Four Square is a kids game and in no way does it remind me of a geo locational app. The name is memorable and easy to spell with no negativity in my mind. Black Magic may scare you but it only reminds me of a point guard from the LA Lakers.

  6. Hey Elliot!

    Just curious, how do the visitors of your domains on this parking service notify you if they are interested in purchasing the domain name?


  7. Voodoo is a quirky brand name, and while the word itself has little to do with the service it offers, it does get your attention. Not always in a good way perhaps, but it gets that part of the job done.

  8. Let the domain go, it is generic, and brandable, it is not seeking an end user market, it is designed for domainers.

    Let’s face it, the big search engines are not sharing their parking revenue, when a company such as google derives 90%+ of their income from sponsored searches, and continues to increase their bottom line, while parking revenue decreases, it doesn’t take much to figure it out.
    I am guessing google is sharing about 30% of the click.

    Don’t expect to hold large portfolio and expect ppc to pay your renewal bills.

  9. I am a long time user, and was invited to join Voodoo by Donny.

    The revenue overall is much higher than Parked.

    It is especially good for quality secondary extensions as Voodoo has a Google feed that does not quality block any secondary extension.


  10. Domain Shane,

    Then we’ll agree to disagree – to me voodoo has only negative conotations.

    BTW, the ‘James’ that started above with ‘let the domain go…’ isn’t me – t’is another.

  11. went from first to worst. They haven’t had any changes to their platform in a decade my revenues fell off the map.

    I make $500 /mo in parking and love Bodis, but am going to try Voodoo and see what happens.

  12. I finished the test

    I’m up about 20% over bodis. To about $600 /mo. (est.). Their platform is very clunky but results are results.

    I’ve since moved all of my names now over to voodoo. An extra $100 pays for my NFL package.

  13. My Domains Listed on Voodoo have gone way down in profits to what Sedo pays this month. Should have known this was not going to last. This Jan profits with Voodoo parking has gone way down. Maybe they paid you the max profits the first month or two & set back the profit margin to normal after they got you in. I don’t know, but sure seems like it with my domains at voodoo.
    Has this happened to anyone else? I guess it’s going to happen with every parking company. Will have to figure something to do about it..

  14. I just signed up for Voodoo. Is this a trustworthy site? Are people getting paid? I just want to know if I can trust them. Please let me know. They look prommissing.

  15. @Elliot

    Are you still earning $44/day with Voodoo? If you are, that must be some domain you have there. Or is it more than one?

  16. Love to hear about the ones which hit that amount of money everyday or even more… rather exciting ….even though you may not own it yourself 🙂

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