Do You Subscribe to DomainTools?


I think DomainTools’ Whois History tool is the most important domain tool I use, and it is only available to people with active DomainTools memberships. The History tool allows me to see who previously owned a domain name, and it can be used to make sure there hasn’t been any suspicious activity on a domain name.

To be blunt, I don’t know how anyone would be comfortable buying an expensive domain name in the aftermarket without doing a proper search using this particular history tool, since there don’t seem to be any competitors.

Earlier today, someone asked me to run a poll to see how many people here have DomainTools accounts, and I think that’s a pretty decent idea. Check out the poll below:


  1. I use it MANY times every day.

    I use the whois history, the reverse IP and I get the Mark Alerts every day.

    Although I am grandfathered in with my pricing structure, it looks like they raised their prices substantially for new members.

    Still waiting to hear if I can renew at my same rate.

    What happened to their related domain search?

  2. The results show an interesting stat:

    Close to 35% use the free account and around 31% feel the services are too expensive.

    No Pain, No gain. Either you learn by trail and error or paid services.

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