Daily Poll: How Many Inquiries/Offers Do You Receive Each Week?


I get a fair amount of inquiries to buy my domain names. The vast majority are unrealistic – ie $100 for a one word .com domain name, but they come in regularly.

Interestingly, it seems that the more qualified and reasonable offers are on my lower value domain names. Perhaps it is because there is less of a gap between a $1,500 offer and a $5,000 asking price than there is between a $5,000 offer and a $75,000 asking price. I don’t really think that is the reason though.

My guess is that a lot of people who want to buy a good one word .com are tire kickers who haven’t done much research. Everyone knows the one word .com names are great, but making a reasonable offer can be tough without market knowledge.

With a longer tail domain name, a person likely knows exactly what he or she wants and has done a bit of research to know what it should cost to buy it. I have never really done much research to investigate this theory though.

For today’s daily poll, I am curious how many inquiries and offers you receive each week.

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  1. FYI
    I get many inquiries on my 4L and marijuana domains and squarely.com every day ..

    those low ballers that email me, I just tell them to F Off….plain and simple

  2. Yeah, yeah, sure, you couldn’t just say “With a longer domain name,” you had to say “With a longer tail domain name”… 😐

    “Careful, Marge. That domain name there has a tail…”

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