Daily Poll: Do You Care About the Wholesale Cost of .com Domain Names?


This morning, I wrote about the ICA’s campaign to prevent price increases on .com domain name registrations (and renewals). Price increases are regulated, and they impact everyone who owns a .com domain name.

For some people with large domain portfolios, a price increase can mean a substantial amount of money. For others, the increasing price of .com domain names may be a bit of an inconvenience that has little impact on business operations.

Finances aside, there are some people who think the actual price of .com domain names should be very low. The profit margins are quite high, and if the .com registry were to go out for bid (I do not believe it can), registration prices would come down substantially.

I am interested in knowing where domain investors who read my blog stand when it comes to this issue. You are also invited to share additional thoughts in the comment section below:

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